Metal Roof Sealant Recommendations


My rig has a tin/metal roof and I’m seeing some water deposits inside. I’m noticing some small holes in the tin – what should I seal it with?

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I would recommend the metal roof coating from Dicor. It applies easy, will seal the holes and actually insulate the inside better as well. Check out their Elastomeric Metal RV Roof Coating and give it a try. I hope this helps!

Dicor additionally makes sealants for all roof types, not just metal or tin. They have products to help clean, replace, protect, and repair your RV Roof.

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4 Responses to “Metal Roof Sealant Recommendations”
  1. Lynda Williams

    RV Make: Hi-low?, RV Model: Tow Lite, RV Year: 1998

    Best way to get side seams front and back to close back after coming apart after top fell while moving. Seller didn’t tell me it had leaked for years. Have the reccomended sealing tape, but need seams closed good.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Lynda,

      Thank you for your patience while I reached out to the expert, here is the reply:

      The only thing you can do is try really long screws to drive the seams in. There should have been screws holding it in before and you can remove those and install longer ones in the same area or make new holes around the existing ones. If you are careful and drive the screws straight along the wall edge and don’t angle them you can use 3 1/2″ screws to try to get a better grab on more supports. If those still aren’t grabbing strong enough then the framing supports are too rotted and will need replaced, if it is possible to replace. It depends on how your walls are made but sometimes the whole wall needs replaced and others can have panels taken out to replace the structure. I would not recommend using any sort of adhesive as they will not typically hold up after travel. Screws into the framing is the best option.


      RV Repair Club Technical Expert

  2. Darrell Darrow

    RV Make: Prevost, RV Model: Royale, RV Year: 1999

    What is best sealant for Prevost roof?

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