RV Dumping 101

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3 Responses to “RV Dumping 101”
  1. Jody Copeland
    Jody Copeland

    RV Make: Forest river rockwood, RV Model: Geo pro 19fbs, RV Year: 2021

    Is there good practice for keeping the kitchen plumbing clear — without a garbage disposal?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi Jody,
      Here is what our expert had to say:
      The best thing to do is to make sure not to put solid food down the drain. All dishes need to be fully scraped off before washing to prevent build up and blockages in the plumbing. When about done with a trip it is always a good idea to run some water down the faucets for a few minutes to help push and flush out anything that might be in the traps. This will help prevent smells in the sinks during storage as well.
      Sincerely, Dan RV Repair Club Technical Expert

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  2. David Mitchell
    David Mitchell

    RV Make: Daymon, RV Model: DayBreaker, RV Year: 1998, Brand: Daymon, Model Number: DayBreaker