RVRC LIVE! April 2018

Did you miss this month’s RVRC LIVE? Dave Solberg, managing editor of RV Repair Club, answers questions submitted by viewers in this LIVE Q&A.

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61 Responses to “RVRC LIVE! April 2018”
  1. Michael

    RV Make: Thor, RV Model: Palazzo, RV Year: 2018

    Will mud guards mounted behind the rear wheels satisfactorily replace the stone guards mounted at the rear bumper of the vehicle?

  2. Robert

    How about some articles on RV’ers who use drones to take pictures with drones when they are traveling!

  3. tjrabent

    RV Make: SunSeeker , RV Model: Class C, RV Year: 2014, Brand: Forest River , Model Number: 2690S

    Hi Dave , I just purchased my first motorhome a 2014 Sunseeker by Forest River 2690S on a Ford 450 Super Duty Chassis. It came with no leveling system and I’m thinking about using leveling blocks along with Stabilizing jacks . What would your recommendation be on the type of leveling blocks & S jacks to use . Do you prefer welding or bolting the jack to the chassis?
    Thanks for the advise .
    Tom form Lancaster ,NY

  4. Michael

    RV Make: DRV Mobile Suites, RV Model: 43 Dallas, RV Year: 2018

    I’m trying to troubleshoot an intermittent issue with the fresh water system. It will allow water to flow into the holding tank when the valves are set to “city water”. The rig has a three position valve to control water inputs: power fill tank, city water, and winterize/sanitize. Do you suggest I start looking at this valve? Or is there some sort of check valve elsewhere that maybe letting water into the tank?

  5. Dennis

    RV Make: Fleetwood discovery , RV Model: 36J, RV Year: 2011

    Now that my slide is adjusted in is working easy it likes to ride out about 3/4 of a inch in the front of the slide after a few miles of travel.
    Do I need to make a stop to keep it closed?

  6. gyroj4b

    RV Make: Fleetwood, RV Model: Pulse24a, RV Year: 2009

    Is there a manual leveling yesterday you recommend for this unit? All the systems seem to be for trailers. Thanks much

  7. Dave

    RV Make: Newmar, RV Model: Mountainaire, RV Year: 2002

    We have smell in our class A that we can not locate. It smells like sewage. The bathroom does not have an odor. We have changed out the filters under the sinks. You really smell it stronger while going down the highway. Sitting still at a sight it is there but not so evident. We have cleaned tanks. We have changed Ac filters. We have used some dawn and bleach in drains. All of this to no avail. Any suggestions would be helpful. Ty. Dr. David.

    • Keith K. Watkins
      Keith K. Watkins

      RV Make: Gulfstream, RV Model: Tourmaster, RV Year: 2006

      O had the same thing and it turned out to be the Batteries

    • Don M.
      Don M.

      RV Make: Gulfstream, RV Model: Friendship, RV Year: 2004

      It could very well be a smell coming from the black water tank through the toilet flush seals. RV supply stores sell a weathervane swiveling vent cap made of white pvc that will keep the pressure in the tank low, drawing vent gases up and out, especially when on the road when pressure is low inside the coach.

  8. Herman Gillis
    Herman Gillis

    RV Make: Forest River, RV Model: Tusnami 4104qs, RV Year: 2004

    Suspension seems to bottom out on some roads. It wil jar your teeth and dislodge cabinets. Dealer has checked air suspension and says it is within limits of the manufacture. What else is there to check?

  9. Steve Kass
    Steve Kass

    RV Make: Western Alpine Coach, RV Model: 36SDS, RV Year: 1998

    Hi Dave,
    I have noticed most of the truck stops have Bio Diesel. Can that be used for older diesels? Is there a negative effect if I use Bio Diesel in my 1998 motor home with a Cummins 330 ??

  10. Sandy jennsen
    Sandy jennsen

    RV Make: Heartland, RV Model: Elkridge 5th wheel, RV Year: 2016

    We want our married children to use our 5th wheel for trips. Is there a good ck list to have for each trip going and returning?

  11. Rich

    RV Make: Keystone, RV Model: Montana High Country, RV Year: 2017

    We have had a lot of difficulty with our sliders not moving in and out smoothly. We have a cable system and no matter how much we lubricate the rollers and rubber the large kitchen side bounces and shakes the trailer while it’s coming in and going out. It is quite embarrassing.

  12. Steve Kass
    Steve Kass

    RV Make: Western Alpine Coach, RV Model: 36SDS, RV Year: 1998

    Hi Dave, Not sure my question got posted the first time. I see that many truck stops have Bio Diesel. Can I use that in my 1998 Cummins 330HP ? Is there a negative effect?

  13. brian.aylward.lex

    RV Make: Tiffen, RV Model: Allegro, RV Year: 2017

    While I understand the need to keep the black water holding tank sealed to prevent pyramiding while at a site what about gray tank? What is the danger if any to keeping that tank open?

    • William

      Brand: by

      Put ice cubes in your black tank before leaving camp and this will help free up any lumps or toilet paper in the tank. Make sure there is water in the tank and don’t use an excessive amount of ice. It will melt away and leave a cleaner inside of the tank. W not harm the sensors. Used this for years without issues.

    • Joe Portillo
      Joe Portillo

      RV Make: Keystone , RV Model: Montana , RV Year: 2019, Brand: Lippert

      Wideouts move in will not slide out. All other hydraulics work . Levelers ok. Clicking noise on valve there’s three one on left. pump activates going in not out.

  14. De

    RV Make: Winnebago , RV Model: 27' Minnie Winnie, RV Year: 2015

    I’m NEW to owning an RV. When we bought ours, we tested all the outlets with a multimeter and they seemed OK. But the first time I took it for an off-grid overnighter, the only outlet that worked when plugged into was the one central GFI plug on the center wall. Nothing in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom worked. Why would that be?

  15. Pat Goeke
    Pat Goeke

    RV Make: Sportscoach, RV Model: Encore, RV Year: 2005

    What is the most economical way to make the front of my RV look better where the clearcote has peeled. Not perfect. Just less damaged

  16. Wayne Elliott
    Wayne Elliott

    RV Make: Born free, RV Year: 2003

    How many hours is a typical travel day.

    • Kenneth

      RV Make: Winnebago, RV Model: Vista, RV Year: 2015

      On trip from Georgia to California, I drove six hours per day to allow time to find RV Park for the night.

  17. Brian Moul
    Brian Moul

    RV Make: Winniebago, RV Model: Minnie, RV Year: 2003

    I’d like to “shine up” the exterior white a bit on our RV, but the years of UV rays have taken their toll. Is there a recommended product or technique that might help? So many products say they will, but I haven’t found any that perform really well.

  18. William

    RV Make: Thor, RV Model: A.C.E., RV Year: 2015

    I have a difficult time filling my fresh water tank. It won’t stop burbing and pushing water out the fill hole. Only way I can fill it is trickle water in taking up to 3 hours.

    • J Michael Williams
      J Michael Williams

      RV Make: Winnebago, RV Model: Brave, RV Year: 1996

      You can purchase a clear small hose with a vale on it. I bought mine at camping world. Adjust the flow on your hose using that valve and the burping will stop and you will be able to see the flow into the tank.

  19. Brian Moul
    Brian Moul

    RV Make: Winniebago, RV Model: Minnie, RV Year: 2003, Brand: T-9 Air System

    Is it difficult to replace the T-9 air system on my class C? The bags don’t hold the air and need replaced. I’d like to do it myself, but was wondering about the difficulty or if there is a better alternative I should consider.

    • Brian Moul
      Brian Moul

      RV Make: Winniebago, RV Model: Minnie, RV Year: 2003, Brand: 3-T's RV Products, Model Number: T-9 Air System

      3-T’s RV Productions, Inc out of Havasu City, AZ

  20. Roger Sellers
    Roger Sellers

    RV Make: Fleetword, RV Model: Puma, RV Year: 1991

    Any suggestions where I can find detailed information on this model to find the water pump? Company is out of business.

  21. Ted Wagoner
    Ted Wagoner

    RV Make: Georgie Boy, RV Model: Swinger, RV Year: 1996

    I have an older model, discontinued, motor home,,Where would you recommend me to search for repair parts..Thank You

  22. C J
    C J

    RV Make: None yet

    We are planning on purchasing a uses 1990 – 2000 Bus conversion Prevost, Bluer Bird, MCI etc> I am concerned about many mechanical issues but for now I am concerned if the coach’s black tank if it has been sitting for a long time . What do you suggest about cleaning the black tank? Thank you


    RV Make: Northwood, RV Model: Nash 25c, RV Year: 2017

    I purchased a 2017 Northwood Nash and the propane/electric hot water heater doesn’t act correctly. A lot of D.S. I. faults ( but then does eventually lights). But then it seems to get so hot the black outside cover gets really very hot and the water in the RV is scalding hot. Suburban model sw10del serial number 155005780. I have had to replace both the
    Suburban 232306 130 Degree Thermostat and
    Suburban 232282 Switch Assembly twice. The thermostat and or switch are not shutting off the heat to the hot water and then appear to burn out. I have no idea what to do about this.

  24. Jane

    RV Make: Newmar, RV Model: Baystar, RV Year: 2018

    Do you recommend the new “hard shell” roof resurfacing systems, such as RV Armor. We have a new MH and are thinking about avoiding having to clean and reseal the roof every 6 months.

  25. bill luosey ( lucy )
    bill luosey ( lucy )

    RV Make: hornet , RV Model: 35 foot ( 2 pull outs ), RV Year: 2009

    when operating the both pull outs the keep stopping and then start up traveling 6 to 8 inches each time this has been a problem since purchase i am finally going to have the trailer dealer send a mechanic the triler is on a perminent sight on cape cod ma.

  26. Paul Esposito
    Paul Esposito

    RV Make: Gulfstream, RV Model: Gulfstream, RV Year: 2006

    Breif description on steps to renew the roof. Brought self leveling caulk and roof sealant. How to clean and apply the material.Also does the battery recharge when plugged in to 120 line at home.

  27. Tom Dorcas
    Tom Dorcas

    RV Make: Coach works , RV Model: Tango, RV Year: 2008

    Will those buffing agents you were discussing earlier, will they help the decals or will it harm them ?

  28. Chuck Lorenz
    Chuck Lorenz

    RV Make: Fleetwood, RV Model: Bounder, RV Year: 2006, Brand: Atwood Levellegs, Model Number: MPD 66166

    I am told that the controller is bad and they are no longer available. Is there a solutions, other than replacing the entire system.

  29. CHAZ

    RV Make: None yet

    Can you suggest a product or technique to clean a black tank on a Bus conversion that has been sitting for a long time, Thank you

  30. Cindy Fierro
    Cindy Fierro

    RV Make: Tear Drop, RV Year: '42 kit

    The tongue fell off. Do you think it could be welded or should I replace the whole trailer?

  31. Tony

    RV Make: Winnebago, RV Model: Vectra Grand Tour, RV Year: 1997

    Were can I find the right touch-up paint to fix minor scratches to exterior finish.

  32. Randy

    RV Make: fleetwood, RV Model: excursion 39s, RV Year: 2005

    every double glazed window has fogged up.

    Its way too expensive to replace or refresh them.
    Why is there not anyone choosing to use single pane and a wider piece of rubber to seal around the window.?

  33. Tony

    RV Make: Winnebego, RV Model: Vectra Grand Tour, RV Year: 1997

    is there a way I can manually over-ride the air bags so I can raise the rear of the coach to clear from scraping when entering/ leaving my driveway? Thank you

  34. Rick Conley
    Rick Conley

    RV Make: Itasca, RV Model: Sunrise , RV Year: 2007, Brand: Norcold, Model Number: 4 door

    How can I get lower temp. Food spoils after a couple of days

  35. Don

    RV Make: Grandesign, RV Model: Moumentume, RV Year: 2014

    Do they make storm window for the screen door so you can have the door open with the ac on

  36. gyroj4b

    RV Make: Fleetwood , RV Model: Pulse, RV Year: 2009

    Is there a manual leveling or a fixed stability system for motor homes like they have with trailers? I can’t afford a hydraulic system. Thanks Bob

  37. Mike Thompson
    Mike Thompson

    RV Make: Grand Design, RV Model: Imagine 2600 RB, RV Year: 2018

    can you give recommendation for at slide out topper awning. The measurements (flange to flange) is 147 inches.

  38. Mark barnett
    Mark barnett

    RV Make: Coachman, RV Model: Apex Nano, RV Year: 2016

    We continually have to delight the hot water heater, even in the same day. What can be wrong?

  39. Vicki

    RV Make: Country Coach, RV Model: Inspire 360, RV Year: 2006

    When we are plugged into cable TV at an RV park, our bedroom TV works fine and gets all channels but out front TV sometimes gets all channels and other times does not. Any ideas why this would be?

  40. jeff Milbauer
    jeff Milbauer

    RV Make: Keystone, RV Model: Outback, RV Year: 2017, Brand: surflow

    I am new to RVing and the issue we have found that if we just run a little bit of water through a faucet or the toilet. The water pump with come on but not shut off it will just have a low pitch hum. we then need to turn the water on high till the water pump revs up then shut the water off the pump will ramp up then shut off.
    What would cause the water pump to run at a low pitch hum with a small amount of water run through it.

  41. Kevin

    RV Make: Airstream, RV Model: International 27FB, RV Year: 2015

    I have two lead acid Group 24 deep cycle batteries, can I replace with two same size lithium batteries and use the existing inverter, converter and controller? Any other changes required?

  42. Joe O'Neil
    Joe O'Neil

    RV Make: Thor, RV Model: Challenger 37 FH, RV Year: 2018, Brand: Challenger , Model Number: 37 FH

    Curb side propane feed to a Coleman Roadtrip LX grill, can not get gas feed. is something needed (different regulator?) to use the curb side propane instead of the bottled propane?

  43. Steve Varadi
    Steve Varadi

    RV Make: Tiffin, RV Model: Allegro 31SA, RV Year: 2015

    You told inverted ABOVE 2000W take care of better the battery (i.e. antisulfation). So my inverter only 1500W, but I see THREE stage charging: full 14.4 V keep charge all the time 13.5V
    So avoid sulfation definetly needs SIXTEEN V?? 14.4V not enough?

  44. gene

    RV Make: forest river, RV Model: salem, RV Year: 2016

    Shower wall came loose from wall. How to repair

  45. William

    RV Make: Winnebago , RV Model: Itaska, RV Year: 2013

    For help to avoid pyramiding in a black tank or TP hangup put some ice cubes in your tank before traveling each day or two. Be sure to have some water in the tank. The ice will help break up matter and melt away as it does so. DO NOT use an excessive amount of ice.

  46. Joe Portillo
    Joe Portillo

    RV Make: Keystone , RV Model: Montana , RV Year: 2019, Brand: Lippert

    Wideouts move in will not slide out. All other hydraulics work . Levelers ok. Clicking noise on valve there’s three one on left. pump activates going in not out.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Joe,
      I would need some more information from you. What is the year, make and model of your RV?