RVRC LIVE! August 2018

Check out the recap of our monthly RVRC LIVE with managing editor of RV Repair Club Dave Solberg. Dave answers your RV repair questions live on the air in this interactive and informative Q&A.

Feel free to submit questions live during the broadcast by writing in the comment box below! Please include the make, model, and year of your RV with your question.

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35 Responses to “RVRC LIVE! August 2018”
  1. Michael

    RV Make: Thor, RV Model: Palazzo, RV Year: 2018

    How will a sudden loss of tire pressure in one of the rear tires affect the driveability?

  2. Gary Hammond
    Gary Hammond

    RV Make: itasca, RV Model: spirit, RV Year: 2000

    With portable propane tanks there is an expiration date for refilling. Is there any restrictions on on board propane tanks in an RV?

  3. PETER

    RV Make: Coachmen, RV Model: Santara DS35, RV Year: 2005

    Hi Dave,,
    I have a new to me 2005 Coachmen Santara A class coach with an attached propane tank, 80 lb, and I’m wondering how I can fill it at a seasonal park that only has “drive up” service?
    Thanks for your expertise!!

  4. Arlynn

    RV Make: Thor, RV Model: Daybreak 34XD, RV Year: 2014

    Low water pressure while hooked up to city water. Starts good then in seconds slows down to 3 min/gal. Can hear hissing outside at intake to RV. Can jiggle hose gets better but does not Last.

  5. Dennis L McBride
    Dennis L McBride

    RV Make: Fleetwood discovery , RV Model: 36J, RV Year: 2011, Brand: Fleetwood discovery , Model Number: 36J

    My had leveling jack control board will light up when I take a left turn where the coach has to lean a little more then usual?

  6. Neal Stockheimer
    Neal Stockheimer

    RV Make: Jaco, RV Model: Gray hawk , RV Year: 2015

    What is the best power TV antenna for my RV

  7. PETER

    RV Make: Coachmen, RV Model: Santara 3510DS, RV Year: 2005

    Hi again Dave,,
    I plan on spending 6 months at a Florida travel park with my A class Coachmen coach. I plan on the slides being out for the full time as well as up on the levelling jacks. Is there anything I should be looking at such as retracting etc while set up for such a long period of time?
    Thank you again!!

  8. Ken Mullens
    Ken Mullens

    RV Make: Palomino, RV Model: B-1500, RV Year: 1998

    Interested in “pop-up” maintance, soft side replacement panels, roof repair, air conditioning, fantastic fans and awnings for truck campers.

  9. Myron Haluschak
    Myron Haluschak

    RV Make: Grand Design, RV Model: Solitude, RV Year: 2018, Brand: Max Flo on demand pump

    Have these pumps been known to randomly stop working? We were using our fresh water tank for a week, had done dinner dishes and started our showers. After this we noticed that there was no water pressure in any of our taps or exterior water outlets. The light on monitor panel was on so I assume we had power, fuse was fine but pump wouldn’t cycle.

  10. Arlynn

    RV Make: Thor, RV Model: Daybreak 34XD, RV Year: 2014

    Low water pressure while hooked up to city water. In seconds it’s down to 3 gal/min. Can hear a hissing out at the intake and jiggle hose gets a little better.

  11. Kevin

    RV Make: Columbus , RV Model: 386fk, RV Year: 2018, Brand: Dometic, Model Number: 9100

    What’s the easiest way to replace the motor in the awning?

  12. Jerry Baber
    Jerry Baber

    RV Make: Grand Design, RV Model: Solitude 310, RV Year: 2017

    How do I relevel the Lippert 6 point hydralic?

  13. dick petree
    dick petree

    RV Make: Sahara , RV Model: Safari, RV Year: 2003

    Have issues with instrument panel. Fuel gauge, tech & speedometer work intermittenly, etc. Freight liner chasis. How do I find replacement instrument cluster?

  14. Steve Kass
    Steve Kass

    RV Make: Western Alpine Coach, RV Model: 36SDS, RV Year: 1998

    Dave, my inverter/charger has an on/off switch. Why or when would I want to turn off my inverter. What harm is there keeping it on all the time?

  15. Pat

    RV Make: KZ STONEBRIDGE, RV Model: Front living room, RV Year: 2014

    I have a leak on the pipe going into the black water holding what kind of black putty or glue do you use to seal that black pipe know one knows? Thank you.

  16. Leslie K. Foote
    Leslie K. Foote

    RV Make: Palomino , RV Model: Columbus 1492, RV Year: 2018

    I notice that when I dump my black tank, the oder fills up my rig and doesn’t go away, but lessens over time. I’ve performed tank flushings, deodorizing (tablets and liquids) but nothing seems to get rid of the odor completely. As a new full time, is this normal, and/or can you suggest an alternative, should I only use the Sani-Con vs. Manually pulling tanks or should I get a professional cleaning. Thank You.

  17. Louis Cecala
    Louis Cecala

    RV Make: Gulfstream , RV Model: Sun Sport, RV Year: 1986, Brand: Chevy, Model Number: 454

    I just inherited 1986 Gulfstream Sunsport and took it for a drive and it will not climb Hills. When they were new where there any issues with their power

  18. Beverly J Dean
    Beverly J Dean

    RV Make: Fleetwood, RV Model: Taurus, RV Year: 1985

    I am looking to find the flexible tubing, 51/4″ blue and white tubing. Do they still make it and if not what can I use instead?

  19. Warren

    RV Make: Fleetwood, RV Model: 5th wheel, RTRAV, RV Year: 2007

    When attempting the run the air-conditioning on parallel (4000 total) generators, the air-conditioning will turn-on, load down the generators. I can hear the air-conditioning fans working but no cold air. A few minutes latter the generators load down some more for a few minutes, the air comes out cold, but the generators over load and shuts off the load. No other systems are running in the RV at this time. Is their something wrong with my a/c?

  20. Gary

    RV Make: Keystone, RV Model: Cougar, RV Year: 2018, Brand: Keystone, Model Number: 27RESWE

    I have 2 6Volt batteries which run lights, water pump, vents, and heater fan, etc. they work very well and last overnight. I thought I had at least one plug that I could use for 120 appliances such as a fan or charge phones, iPad, etc.. none work without being hooked to shore power or generator.

  21. Pauls

    RV Make: Forest River, RV Model: Sundancer, RV Year: 2013, Brand: Forest River

    Where is the breaker box on this model. Or is there a breaker box

  22. Gary Hammond
    Gary Hammond

    RV Make: itasca, RV Model: spirit, RV Year: 2000

    Sorry, couldn’t be here at the start. I asked about propane tanks on rv’s vs portable 5 gal tanks needing recertifiing.

  23. Phil

    RV Make: Beaver, RV Model: Patriot, RV Year: 1999

    Our power steering started making groaning sounds. Check fluid leven and it was a bit low. Topped up and although groany is less still present. Where is power steering pump?

  24. Gary

    RV Make: Monaco, RV Model: Beaver, RV Year: 2004

    I recently heard about a battery minder. What is it and is it something worth buying.

  25. john.hudson

    RV Make: Fleetwood, RV Model: Bounder, RV Year: 20017, Brand: airxcel, Model Number: ??

    I have two A/C units on a RV Comfort thermostat. They both start and run, but unit 2 shuts off shortly after and will not restart. If I turn off everything and reset the thermostat the cycle will start over and unit 2 shuts off again. Any suggestions?

  26. Marven

    RV Make: Rockwood, RV Model: 8289ws, RV Year: 2018

    Should you keep tire pressure at the maximum rating of the tire?

  27. Jerry Houston 4
    Jerry Houston 4

    RV Make: Cloman, RV Model: Fleetwood , RV Year: 1992

    Don’t get fresh water from inlet to faucet went hook to water source

  28. Debby Christofferson
    Debby Christofferson

    RV Make: Grand Design, RV Model: Solitude 374th, RV Year: 2018, Brand: Grand Design, Model Number: 374th

    Having trouble with a cargo door staying closed while driving

  29. Billy R. Wilson
    Billy R. Wilson

    RV Make: Heartland, RV Model: Mallard, RV Year: 2018

    How about some training on pull behinds.

  30. RD

    RV Make: Outdoors, RV Model: Creekside, RV Year: 2013

    What is the best tape or way to repair a rip in a Awning, that is right up by the top of the awning or when the awning is out its at the top end..

  31. Johnny Higginbotham
    Johnny Higginbotham

    RV Make: Coachman, RV Model: 5th wheel, RV Year: 1999

    It has set for 2 years ref. Doesn’t work slideout only works manual