RVRC LIVE! September 2018

In this month’s RVRC LIVE, Dave Solberg shares his favorite roof cleaner and sealer for RV’s, discusses roof repair, winterization, interior flooring, tune-ups and much more. Check out the recap!

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38 Responses to “RVRC LIVE! September 2018”
  1. Jon

    RV Make: Carrige, RV Model: Nitro, RV Year: 2008

    Trying to get information and or parts for slide out on my carriage RV

  2. Steve Kass
    Steve Kass

    RV Make: Western Alpine Coach, RV Model: 36SDS, RV Year: 1998

    Hi Dave, I am going to install a Wingard ConnecT 2.0 WiFi booster on my roof. It is wireless but I need to run the cable for 12V power. I have heard some say they run it down the refrigerator vent. Does this work? How do I retrieve the cable? Do I have to pull out the refrigerator to get to the cable??

  3. Don Sprinkel
    Don Sprinkel

    RV Make: Lance, RV Model: 1575, RV Year: 2016

    How should a person of sizable weight address the issue of being on the roof to do Preventative Maintenance on the rubber compound?

  4. Wayne

    RV Make: Fleetwood, RV Model: Discovery, RV Year: 2007

    changing out old ceiling flourescent cwiling lights with LED

  5. Robert

    RV Model: Knight, RV Year: 2006, Brand: Monaco

    Besides sealing as many entry points as possible, what do you recommend to keep mice out of RVs?

    • avery

      RV Make: winnebago, RV Model: adventurer, RV Year: 2002

      have a solar panel on roof and digital solar charge controller inside am going to store my M/H for the winter what do I do with the controller (turnoff???) OR???

  6. Jeff

    RV Make: Tioga, RV Model: Tiogo c 30, RV Year: 1981

    Do anyone have the belt diagram for this model it i really need one it is the C30 350 short block Chevy with air conditioning????Please help

  7. Robert E Jordan
    Robert E Jordan

    RV Make: Forest River, RV Model: Cross Country, RV Year: 1909

    I received your disk Refrigeration Essentials, is there sound with your DVD’s or we just to read the instruction?

  8. David

    RV Make: Holiday Rambler, RV Model: Imperial, RV Year: 1994

    I have a 94 Holiday Rambler with hydralic jacks. The back jacks don’t extend all the all the time. Sometime they only go up 2 in and other they will go 6″ What can I do?

  9. Butch Renders
    Butch Renders

    RV Make: Rockwood, RV Model: 2604WS TS, RV Year: 2015

    Wondering about replacing or covering the floor in my 2016 32 ft. Rockwood Lite W RLT2604WS TL? (Guest7045)

  10. Robert E Jordan
    Robert E Jordan

    RV Make: Forest River, RV Model: Cross Country, RV Year: 1909

    Does your DVD’s have sound?

  11. Wayne McLaren
    Wayne McLaren

    RV Make: Coachmen, RV Model: Mirada, RV Year: 2018

    Do you use plastic blocks tom level the tires OR the automatic jacks?

  12. Joe McBride
    Joe McBride

    RV Make: Keystone, RV Model: Passport, RV Year: 2016

    Hey everyone. Central IN here as well.

  13. Katie

    RV Make: Winnebago, RV Model: Minnie Winnie, RV Year: 2018

    Hi. Can a residential a/c company fix an rv a/c or does it take a specialized technician?

  14. Allen

    RV Make: Grand Design, RV Model: Reflection 320MKS, RV Year: 2019, Brand: Grand Design, Model Number: Reflection 320MKS

    I’m buying a 35’ 5th wheel. What your opinion about a Reese Goose Box 5th wheel-to-Gooseneck Air Ride coupler Adapter – Lippert 1621. – 16,000 lbs. over traditional 5th wheel hitch?

  15. John

    RV Make: Monaco , RV Model: safari gazelle, RV Year: 2005, Brand: insignia, Model Number: 32"

    insignia roku tv won’t connect to rv parks cable , works on wifi,netflix, exc.

  16. Roger

    RV Make: Tiffin, RV Model: Allegro Bay, RV Year: 2006

    Can you have 2 different brand a/c units and if so will they work off 1 thermostat.

  17. thunder

    RV Make: Forest River, RV Model: Georgetown 378, RV Year: 2010

    Is it best to leave my rv plugged into a 15 amp outlet during winter storage? ie. keep the house and chassis batt. charged. We will not be here to enter coach for 6 months.

  18. Ric

    RV Make: King of road, RV Model: 40’ 5th whl, RV Year: 1999. 3 slides

    Where&How do I locate slideout winch motors??slides R gear driven. What IS GOOD upgrades?

  19. goodwinump

    RV Make: gulf stream, RV Model: ultra sport, RV Year: 2000, Brand: chevrolet , Model Number: express 3500

    I am wondering if my 12 bolt rear end is a posi-traction unit. I do know it is a 4.10 gear ratio.

  20. Dwayne

    RV Make: Aerolite, RV Model: 284BHSL, RV Year: 2017

    I am going to winter in my RV, temps could hit -20. I have hard plumped the sewer lines with ABS pipe. Is it best to leave the dump valves open?

  21. Malcolm S
    Malcolm S

    RV Make: Monaco, RV Model: Dynasty , RV Year: 2004, Brand: Villa International copilot chair

    Turned chair around for company and now it wobbles back n forth as well as side to side. The swivel lever won’t catch now. Help.

  22. Garth Wilson
    Garth Wilson

    RV Make: fleetwood, RV Model: southwind, RV Year: 1994, Brand: Dometic Refrigerator, Model Number: RM2807

    1/ Fridge not working Smells like ammonia inside. 2/ Monitor works , no back up camera.

  23. Steve Morvant
    Steve Morvant

    RV Make: Forest River, RV Model: 27RLSS, RV Year: 2018, Brand: Equalizer 4 pt.

    After loading our new camper and traveling, my truck is riding low in the back. Question is, is it unsafe to simply raise the adjustment one hole up and wait until next stop to do anything else if needed?

  24. ART

    RV Make: Monaco, RV Model: La Palma, RV Year: 2002, Brand: Freedom, Model Number: 458 series 2k watt inverter/charger

    I have a Freedom 458 series inverter/charger 2k watts. I recently installed a 400 watt solar system with a charge controller. Now, when I turn on the inverter, I measured 140-145 volts coming out of my 120 plugs….without any load. Drops to 130-135 volts with a load on the system. I’m concerned and afraid I might burn out an appliance with so many volts…..any ideas why and how to correct?

  25. Mike Sandling
    Mike Sandling

    RV Make: Jayco , RV Model: Featherweight , RV Year: 2006

    AC, furnace, and blowers all worked until I unplugged the unit to travel about 2 hours. Now none of them work. What could be the problem?

  26. Alfred

    RV Make: Winnebago, RV Model: SightSeet, RV Year: 2005

    What has your experience been with the Autopark Brake as used on the 2005 era Workhorse chassis? I had the Autopark light flip on several times while highway driving indicating pump needed to run to build up pressure. Is this normal or should I be worried about a system failure?

  27. Mike

    RV Make: Fleetwood, RV Model: avion savannah, RV Year: 2000

    My tub and surround are yellowed, how can I get it to white? Failing that can it be removed by layman and replaced with shower pan and new shower walls? standard mini tub with left hand drain. Cost effective suggestions?

  28. Jim

    RV Make: Chinook, RV Model: Glacier, RV Year: 2005

    Need information on replacement of driving lights for front bumper; part number etc. Thanks

  29. Joe

    RV Make: Fleetwood, RV Model: Flair, RV Year: 1993, Brand: Roof Sealant, Model Number: 23'

    What should we realistically expect to pay to have someone professionally reseal our roof? What would it cost us to do it ourselves? How difficult is the job?

  30. Patrick

    RV Make: Forest River, RV Model: Sunseeker, RV Year: 2002

    Suggestions For Suspension, Trac/Front-Rear SwauBars,Shocks.

  31. Smokey

    I’m buying one, looking for a grand junction. I’ve had an rv for over 35 years. Just checking out your program. I’m interested in joining.