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Tips for Hosting the Perfect RV Tailgating Party This Fall

Tailgating has become a staple for Fall activities of all kinds and has become increasingly involved over the years. These days, tailgating is not just reserved for Professional/College Football and NASCAR races. We see people tailgating at concerts, grand openings, and even quilting expos! Whatever activity or hobby you enjoy, getting together with friends and others that share your passion can be an opportunity to tailgate!

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9 Awesome National Parks for RVers

National Parks are great destinations to see some breathtaking scenery. However, many RVers are surprised upon arrival that not all National Park campsites are RV friendly. Sometimes, RVers need to stay in private campgrounds close to the park, instead of actually in the park. RVing is an experience like no other, but you do need to prepare before embarking on your journey. Check out our list of parks that are great for RVers, all with their own write up from our resident RV travel expert: Sue Bray. Sue Bray has worked in the RV industry for 35+ years. Over the summer, Sue, her husband Mel, and their boxer Harley took off to tour the country in their 31’ fifth wheel, with no exact plans except to have an adventure. She’s chronicled her trip to provide advice for RVers for many of the most popular parks.

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RVing Basics for Visiting National Parks

The United States is home to nearly 60 national parks, each slightly different in its landscape, each stunning in its vastness and beauty. In most cases, these monuments and their scenic campgrounds can be found in remote locations throughout the country, reached only by a long, steep drive, tour bus, or small aircraft. These idyllic…

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6 Tips for Hot Weather RVing

Spend a single day in Arizona in the middle of summer and you’ll know what all the fuss is about. When natives say it gets unreasonably hot in the desert, it’s no joke – it’s a warning. Severe temperatures like the ones you’ll find in Arizona and the rest of the Southwest are capable of…

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6 Tips and Tricks for Cold Weather RVing

Touring the country by RV will undoubtedly provide you and your family with unforgettable moments and memories. Whether camping your way through the Blue Ridge Mountains or traversing Texas, something about getting out in your rig just feels right. Putting aside for a moment all the fun you’ll have, it’s important to remember that it…

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Top 4 Places to See on an Alaskan RV Trip

Alaska: the last frontier. Spanning more than half a million square miles dotted with mirage-like towns and framed with vast mountain ranges, seemingly limitless, it bursts at the seams with the unknown. Alaska is one of the few states in the nation where you can come face to face with a grizzly bear and never…

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