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On the Road with Sue: Devils Tower National Monument

Back in the ‘70s, you probably saw director Steven Spielberg’s epic film, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” And if you did, you saw 12 minutes of footage from Devils Tower National Monument, located in the northeast corner of Wyoming. Throughout the movie, symbols resembling this iconic landmark appear, culminating when aliens land their space ship next to the tower in order to make their first contact with humans.

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On the Road with Sue: Arches National Park

True to its name, Arches National Park just outside of Moab, Utah, displays 2500 natural arches of amazing sizes, shapes, and colors. It’s easy to look at the arches and picture all sorts of shapes and figures in this magnificent masterpiece of nature. My imagination was definitely running wild in this park, and often found myself taking a second or even third look at these breathtaking arch formations.

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On the Road with Sue: Zion National Park

Day One on the road has taught me that this trip may not really be about the destinations – it’s the journey. The breathtaking scenery we found driving through northern Arizona and southern Utah was overwhelming. I had recently asked a very well-traveled RVer (49 states in seven years) which was his favorite state to travel, and he immediately answered “Utah.” I was shocked, but now I see why. Fortunately, we live close enough to go back – many times, I’m sure.

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On the Road with Sue: And So It Begins

Well, not exactly. We’ve loaded the rig, stored our car and motorcycle, and hit the road. We’ve traveled all of five miles out of town, and are camped for three nights in the local campground. The reason for all of this is that our house sitters have moved in to our house, but there’s a local event we want to attend. So we just moved into the rig.

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On the Road with Sue: Planning for the Big Trip

Both my husband and I are somewhat experienced RVers. He’s owned both trailers and a motorhome in his past life, and I have worked in the RV industry for 35+ years, certainly taking my share of RV trips and stays. Nine months ago, we bought our first RV together – a 31’ fifth wheel, and since then, we’ve taken a number of weekend and vacation trips in it. But this time it’s different – we’re heading out on a 10 week trip, without a specific itinerary in mind.

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How to Reduce RV Condensation and Prevent Mold

The formation of condensation can occur when camping in cold temperatures or in areas where there is a high level of humidity in the air. These water droplets will form on a variety of surfaces inside the RV, including the windows, walls, and counter-tops. It is important to keep RV condensation under control; otherwise your RV may be at risk of developing a mold problem. In addition to mold growth and its health issues, a buildup of condensation can also cause wood rot and corrosion. All of these can affect the overall look, performance, and value of your RV.

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