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On the Road with Sue: Monument Valley Navajo Nation Tribal Park

The majestic landscape of Monument Valley, covering the northeastern corner of Arizona and southeastern corner of Utah, is something we’ve all probably seen in photographs, on television, and in the movies. The amazing sandstone bridges, arches, and towers, not to mention the clear blue skies and clean air, all contribute to become a photographer’s dream…

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Why Do You Love RVing?

They say RVing is a way of life – not just a pastime or something to do on the weekends or throughout the summer. What exactly is it about RVing that drives us (pun intended) to pursue this passion? We wanted to know, so we asked. Check out what you had to say. Why Do…

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The Never-Bored RVers’ Journal: A Quick Solution for a Desperate Dilemma

At 1:28am while parked in an isolated national park campground, the 12-volt smoke alarm sounded. Seven-plus hours later, I accidentally discovered and in two seconds solved the problem. Starting this tale of desperation with the symptoms, we were hooked up to 30-amp shore power. Our battery output reading had been indicating about 13.7 for our…

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On the Road with Sue: Waterton Glacier International Peace Park

Glacier National Park actually doesn’t end at the US-Canada border. It continues upwards into our northern neighbor’s territory, where it becomes Waterton Glacier International Peace Park, the smallest national park in Canada and also a World Heritage site. Some History Behind Waterton Waterton actually became a national park before Glacier – in 1895. The two…

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Essential Guide to 120-Volt Power Converters for RVs

The power converter is an essential component in an RV’s electrical system. Typically, coaches have two essentially separate electrical systems; one that provides 120 volts AC to high-power consumption, high-wattage appliances such as coffee makers, microwave ovens, hair dryers, air conditioners, etc. The other, low-voltage part of the electrical system provides 12 volts DC to…

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Tips for Using and Maintaining your RV Water System

We rely heavily on our RV’s water system, for personal hygiene, washing dishes, and in some cases for doing laundry or drinking. So it’s worth taking a few minutes to give this vital system some attention. Pressure Regulator To protect your RV’s plumbing from damage due to excess pressure, use a water pressure regulator when…

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