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On the Road with Sue: Washington’s Olympic National Park

The crown of the Olympic Peninsula has got to be Olympic National Park, consisting of a million acres – including 73 miles of pristine Pacific Ocean beaches, rain forests, alpine meadows, clear mountain lakes, abundant wildlife, and of course that magnificent mountain range. In 1909, President Teddy Roosevelt designated part of the areas as Mount…

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On the Road with Sue: The Surprising Olympic Peninsula

Making the turn to drive the loop around the Olympic Peninsula feels as if you’re stepping back in time about 30 years. The Peninsula’s Route 101 is 350 miles long, circling the majestic Olympic Mountains, spectacular beaches, and lush rain forests, all with a very laid-back and friendly atmosphere. As the logging industry has declined…

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On the Road with Sue: Glacier National Park

Often referred to as the Crown of the Continent, Glacier National Park offers visitors incredible views, 762 amazing lakes, 2865 miles of streams, 175 mountains, 700 hiking trails, and a variety of wildlife freely traversing through the Park’s more than one million acres. It’s a spectacular mountain landscape, and despite its name, to me the…

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How Does an RV Refrigerator Work Using Absorption?

Back in the early days of RVing, ice was used to cool food and beverages much as it was in homes, before the advent of modern refrigeration. Mechanical refrigeration systems using compressors are noisy and require a lot of electrical energy, but provide fast cool down. This method has been almost universally adopted for household…

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