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Pulling into an RV Fuel Station

The motto all RV drivers ought to remember when pulling into their first fueling station: “If a semi can fit, I can fit.” In reality, there’s nothing scary about navigating an RV fuel station, but we know it can seem an intimidating task. So in this quick lesson, RV expert Dave Solberg teaches you how

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RV Training School: Driving Safely with Dave Solberg

Navigating safely in an RV demands full focus, requiring drivers to be constantly aware of their surrounding at all times. Do you know what’s 100 yards ahead? How about 20 feet? Is there a small vehicle in your blind spot? Someone tailing too close behind? When you’re completely tuned into traffic patterns, road conditions, and

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Tips to Improve your RVs Fuel Efficiency

5 Tips to Improve your RVs Fuel Efficiency

RVs are known for being gas guzzlers. As a family who travels full time, we drive A LOT and gas is by far our biggest expense, so we’re always looking for ways to save on fuel costs. Here are our top tips to improve fuel efficiency in RVs. 1.Check Tire Pressure Make sure you check

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The Never-Bored RVers’ Journal: Driving Into My Past

For many Americans taking a drive along Route 66 is a journey into the past, when traveling by car exposed the family to the kitschy souvenir stands and diners that flourished in the ‘40s and ‘50s – before super-highways streaked across the land. While I-40 has replaced Route 66 and most of its historical significance,

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Dish Network Wally: Upgrading Your RV TV Experience

Learn how to get more out of your RV TV viewing experience by making the upgrade to Dish Network Wally. In this free video, Dave Solberg explains why Wally is his go-to choice for picking up a clear picture anywhere he travels. He also introduces supplemental equipment you should consider to enhance your package, including

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Exterior Care and Maintenance Session 8: Motorhome Specific Insight

It’s important to check the nooks and crannies inside an engine compartment of a motorized rig to make sure no debris such as leaves, garbage bags or other items are not lodged inside. A small rock chip in a windshield can quickly turn into a very expensive windshield replacement, and front clearance lights are notorious

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Tips For Measuring Trailer Weight Capacity

We bought a short bed truck to pull our 40 ft Sanibel, based on the advice of the Chevy dealer and our RV dealer. According to the manual, the tongue weight is not supposed to exceed 3,000 lbs and the total gross vehicle weight is not supposed to exceed 10,000 lbs. Are these numbers correct? What are the consequences of continuing to drive the rig? Is there anything that can be done to modify the truck to increase its capacity or do we just need to get a one ton Dually?

Proper Highway Positioning

Once you’ve completed your comprehensive pre-departure RV inspection, it’s time to hit the road! Do you know how to position your RV on the highway? In this quick lesson, Dave Solberg demonstrates the proper way to navigate the interstate in a trailer, motor home or any other recreational vehicle. We’re in this for the leisure,

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How to Secure a Loose RV Refrigerator

If the side-by-side refrigerator on your fifth wheel or motorhome seems to shift out of place while you’re driving, there could be several simple solutions. Depending on the type of RV refrigerator you own, the fix you need might also be very inexpensive. To help you find the proper cure for what ails your fridge,

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Precautions and Tips for RVing with Pets

Studies have shown that more than 75% of people who purchase an RV or trailer do so with their pets in mind. Traveling with pets can be a rewarding and cost-effective experience, especially when on the road for extended trips. If you plan to hit the road with your furry companions, there are certain things

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