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The Never-Bored RVers’ Journal: Across the Top of America Part 3

Following a blues concert in Bismarck, North Dakota was in our rearview mirror. We then turned our attention to exploring the northern parts of the three states bordering Lake Superior. Click here to read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. Minnesota We stayed in six Minnesota campgrounds over 15 days, (each worth revisiting)

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The Never-Bored RVers Journal: The Loneliest Road in America

A sign warned us — we were about to turn onto “The Loneliest Road in America.” But with satellite radio and our always-active sense of adventure, we took the challenge. While traveling across endless desert landscapes gives RVers lots of time to think, this journey on “The Loneliest Road in America” is the ultimate experience.

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The Never-Bored RVers’ Journal: The Natchez Trace

When the National Park Service began work on the ultra-scenic Natchez Trace Parkway in 1934, the vision must have been akin to the idea of going to the Moon. This 440-mile ribbon of asphalt is monumental. That being said, we found a major divide between its history and beauty as opposed to the actual experience

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The Never-Bored RVers’ Journal: A Down & Out Way to Las Vegas

Picture this: out of the window of an airplane you see the nighttime vastness of the Nevada desert with little sparkles of light sprinkled around. Suddenly, out of the darkness appears a firestorm of brightness, intense whiteness, lasers and neon. It’s the sprawl of Las Vegas glaring up from the abyss.
On the Road With Sue: Arizona State Parks

On the Road With Sue: Arizona State Parks – Just a Sampling!

There are 28 State Parks in Arizona. Located from the southern part of the state at the U.S./Mexico border to the Colorado River to the west and everywhere in between, Arizona’s State Parks reflect the diverse geography which makes up this state. We have not visited all 28 parks….yet. But we’re working on it. Many

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Upgrading an RV Driver Seat

Most modern RVs come equipped with standard, fixed driver and passenger seats that are inexpensive and oftentimes uncomfortable. That’s why we always recommend an upgrade to RV owners who are able. Numerous manufacturers like Bradd and Hall create affordable RV driver seat options that will make your travels more comfortable and adaptable, with options such

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Purchasing RV Session 11: Understanding Weight Ratings

Whether you’re buying a travel trailer, a fifth wheel, or a motor home, it’s important to have a good understanding of weight ratings before you ever hit the road or purchase that unit. In this session, we will dive into the weight ratings and why they are important. We will talk about where to look

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RV Mirrors

Adjusting RV Mirrors to Reduce Blind Spots

Before you hit the road in your RV, it’s crucial for your safety and that of other drivers and pedestrians that you reduce the number and size of blind spots along the side of your rig. That can be difficult with some vehicles, as window panes and similar components might limit your ability to see

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Purchasing RV Session 4: Class C vs. Class A

When looking to purchase an RV, many RV owners want to stay with the Class C because it’s a lot smaller – but they’re torn a little bit on the size, so there is a comparison between a Class C motorhome or class A motorhome. In this session, we will dive deeper into the difference

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