Week 3 Grocery Bags

Grocery bags

We’re moving right along with the Hack My RV Challenge! We’ve really enjoyed the hacks you’ve been sharing so far – we’ve got some creativity in the bunch! This week’s assignment is one we are all familiar with: grocery bags. These things tend to accumulate quickly around the RV and home, so what alternative uses can you come up with that puts these to use?

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To get you started, Dave shares a simple yet practical idea for how he repurposes grocery bags around his own RV:

Grocery bag tied around a foot

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Ready for the next hack? Here’s what’s coming up next:

Swim Noodles
PVC Pipes
Grocery Bags
Cardboard Tubes
Empty Containers
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15 Responses to “Week 3 Grocery Bags”

  1. Thomas Theurer

    I am going to install a satellite dish on my RV roof and I believe it’s plywood ,my question, what kind of fasteners should I use ?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Thomas. To provide more specific information on the best fasteners for your roof material we need the make, model, and year of your RV. Most roof construction starts with an outer skin of either fiberglass or rubber membrane, a thin luaun (1/8”) sheet, block foam insulation embedded in/around aluminum framework, and an inside piece of luaun with either a decorative wallpaper, felt material, or padded vinyl. We did an installation video for King Controls several years ago and they just recommended screws into the roof structure, however if you have a rubber membrane which supplies no grip or backing, I would suggest using a
      toggler and bolt with a good sealant designed for your roof material.


  2. Susan Moore

    I use plastic bags to arrange kitchen items in the drawers and cabinets to prevent things knocking and rattling while we go down the road. Also for the sink baskets – to prevent rattling while traveling. When we reach camp I remove the bags. I also use the bags to store my shoes in before putting them away on the closet floor.

  3. Jeff Bowlsby

    We use a bag holder to store our plastic bags so we know where they are at any time we need to use them. We full time and flat tow are vehicle, so when we are out and about using our toad we can pack up some water bottles and take with us to keep ourselves hydrated. We reuse plastic bags for a multitude of things. Be creative!

  4. Richard Koehl

    Use it as a bicycle seat cover during transport. Put it over the seat, pull the bag handle down and wrap around post then tie in a bow or not and you now have a waterproof seat cover

  5. Paul White

    Plastic bags are of course super useful… starting with just the fact that they are bag, mostly waterproof, mostly free. You can of course put stuff in bags ranging from things you need to separate from others, to dirty laundry and even garbage.Most creative use, however is as a waterproof rope substitute. Great for hanging towels or anything else you want thats dirty or gross to dry out. You can tie them together to add length or braid them to add strength.

  6. mark shany

    you can use a grocery bags as gloves for your hands if you don’t have gloves, when your dealing with your black water and sewer hose. You can also use them as a glove to pick up after your pet when he/she has done their business at you RV site.

  7. Sandy Kirchnerr

    I tie the grocery bags in to a loose knot and then I take my dogs for walks I use it to pick up their messes. They work great and are plenty big to tie shut before throwing in the dumpster.


    We have a couple of Scottie dogs and we use plastic grocery bags to put dog poop into before throwing into the garbage.

  9. Jim

    How to check and possibly R&R fresh water fill attachment, seal and hose clamps to prevent leakage?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Jim,

      To provide more specific information we need the make, model, and year of your RV. Fresh water fill valves can be gravity fill type, or a city water valve and a switch that diverts the water from pressurized city water to fill the tank. Both are fairly easy to R&R, just a set of screws and pry loose the silicone. The hose and clamp should be accessible from there?

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