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Travel Trailer Driving Tips: How to Back up an RV

In this video lesson RV driving expert Dave Solberg teaches you how to back up an RV travel trailer into a parking or campground spot. He demonstrates step by step the technique necessary to safely and smoothly reverse your travel trailer into any space big enough to fit it. Similar to parallel parking in a

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Driving RV Tips: Right-Hand Turn

In this video lesson RV maintenance expert Dave Solberg teaches you tips for driving RV, including how to take a right-hand turn when towing a trailer. Because tow trailers tend to track a little differently than your truck or SUV, you should practice taking left- and right-hand turns prior to hitting the road for the

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RV Driving Tips: Navigating Curves

Due to limited field of vision, navigating curves in an RV can be a bit tricky. Most new drivers tend to start turning too early, which causes them to either veer into oncoming traffic on a left-hand curve or slip off the shoulder on a right-hand curve. This is understandable. The art of navigating curves

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RV Training School: Driving Safely with Dave Solberg

Navigating safely in an RV demands full focus, requiring drivers to be constantly aware of their surrounding at all times. Do you know what’s 100 yards ahead? How about 20 feet? Is there a small vehicle in your blind spot? Someone tailing too close behind? When you’re completely tuned into traffic patterns, road conditions, and

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Driving RV Tips: Maneuvering a Right-Hand Turn

Taking a right-hand turn in an RV can be a daunting task for new drivers. Ditches, road signs and other impediments instill fear in every first-timer. But here’s a word of advice: relax. We’ve all been there, and after a few times of slow steering and nervous sweats, you’ll have it figured out and can

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The Never-Bored RVers’ Journal: Driving Into My Past

For many Americans taking a drive along Route 66 is a journey into the past, when traveling by car exposed the family to the kitschy souvenir stands and diners that flourished in the ‘40s and ‘50s – before super-highways streaked across the land. While I-40 has replaced Route 66 and most of its historical significance,

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RV Driving Tips

RV Driving Tips: Regularly Check Your Brakes and Tires

While driving, the tires, hubs and brakes of an RV can heat up. If these items get too hot, it can be a sign something is not right with your RV unit or the brake system. Experienced RV owners know one of the best RV driving tips someone can offer is to regularly stop, get

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Tips for Hosting the Perfect RV Tailgating Party This Fall

Tailgating has become a staple for Fall activities of all kinds and has become increasingly involved over the years. These days, tailgating is not just reserved for Professional/College Football and NASCAR races. We see people tailgating at concerts, grand openings, and even quilting expos! Whatever activity or hobby you enjoy, getting together with friends and others that share your passion can be an opportunity to tailgate!

Proper RV Tire Pressure: Finding the Right PSI

Just because your RV’s tires say they can handle a certain PSI doesn’t mean the listed PSI is the ideal one for your vehicle. Proper tire inflation requires weighing your vehicle with the load you’ll be carrying, and filling to match that number. In this free video lesson, RV maintenance expert Dave Solberg teaches you

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RV Money Saving Secrets: 5 Tips For Spending Less On Gas

Welcome to RV Repair Club’s 7 Days of money Saving Secrets! As RVers, we’re always looking for smart ways to save money while on the road! Lauren Grijalva, a full time RVer and RV Repair Club contributor, is sharing some of her best money saving secrets just in time for the busy summer season. Today

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