Fix a Camper Slide-Out Making a Grinding Noise

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The Accu-Slide camper slide-out has completely changed the game when it comes to maximizing the confined living quarters of an RV. With an Accu-Slide, you can add much needed space to your RV bedroom when you reach your destination, and all it takes is the push of a button. But, like any RV component, there’s potential for malfunction and the occasional troubleshooting.

For any number of reasons, your Accu-Slide camper slide-out might take on an unpleasant grinding noise when being extended or retracted. Apart from the disagreeable sound this causes, that grinding is also bad for the camper slide-out itself, as it’s likely the result of faulty parts and/or debris. So in this lesson, we teach you how to find the source of the grinding coming from your camper slide-out, and show you some expert techniques for fixing the problem so you can get back to enjoying your time on the road.

Finding the grind on your camper slide-out

To help you solve the puzzle of the grinding camper slide-out on your RV, repair expert Dave Solberg walks you through a quick demonstration for determining the source of the grind. First things first, Dave explains why it’s important to stop retracting or extending your Accu-Slide as soon as you hear that unwanted noise.

You’ll need to ensure you position the Accu-Slide properly so you can inspect the cables and gears that move the space. Once there, Dave shows you what to look for, including loose cables that don’t sit flush in their pulleys, ill-fitting gears, and too-taut/not-taut-enough cables. He also demonstrates the best way to remove the jamb from your camper slide-out to check for any debris or screws that might be stuck in the side cables. With Dave’s simple tips, you’ll be able to scope out the issue and get your slide-out sliding in and out in no time!

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5 Responses to “Fix a Camper Slide-Out Making a Grinding Noise”
    • Customer Service

      Thanks for visiting the RV Repair Club site. To provide more specific troubleshooting information we need to know the make, model, and year of your RV as well as the slide mechanism if possible. There are several models ranging from the smaller cable slides to full length hydraulic slide and most have an override procedure and troubleshooting. Usually a model that doesn’t slide in all the way is either a binding issue, air in the hydraulic line, or it could be a motor issue. Getting the proper info will help.

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Mike. To provide more specific troubleshooting information we need the make, model, and year of your RV as well as the type slide room mechanism. Most of the mechanisms on the market today are owned by Lippert Component Inc (LCI). Is the slide room actually operating and making a grinding noise, or just grinding. You should be able to isolate the noise as to the rollers underneath the room, the gears underneath in a larger hydraulic slide mechanism, or the motor.


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