Choosing the Right Extension Cord

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Duration: 2:16

If you an extension cord to plug in your RV to the shoreline power, it’s essential that you utilize the right one. We’ve seen it happen far too many times: an RV owner uses a standard orange extension cord with a 15 amp rating to run their 30 amp power center. This is asking for trouble as the excessive power draw can overheat the cord and connection which can melt the cord and possibly cause a fire.

This issue can be easily avoided by taking advantage of an extension cord with the right rating. In this lesson, Dave Solberg teaches you how to select the proper extension cord for your needs. He explains why lower rated cords crumble under the pressure of the high amp draw associated with roof AC unit and other RV appliances, and introduces a simple tip to guarantee you get your RV appliances up and running without risking damage to your vehicle or your home. You’ll also learn why it’s so important to understand power rating and amp gauge when selecting an extension cord to power your unit. When in doubt, go with the heavier option!

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