Towing RV Tips: Verifying Tow Charge

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Duration: 9:55

In this free video lesson, RVIA Certified Master Technician Steve Albright teaches you how to verify tow charge when coupling your towing RV to a truck or van. He begins by walking you step by step through the process of testing your tow vehicle for functionality. This includes checking that the taillights are fully operational for reversing, flashing, etc.

Once you’ve completed the tow vehicle check, you’ll want to verify that the tow vehicle is sending a complete charge to your towing RV. Steve explains what you should do if you find certain signals aren’t working on the trailer. This will involve testing each circuit that attaches the umbilical cord, or hitch plug, to the towing vehicle. Most hitch plug covers feature a diagram that displays the circuit configuration for your particular plug. If your cover does not have this diagram, you can also search online to find the correct diagram for your model.

Steve helps to demonstrate the troubleshooting process by using a voltage tester to check that each signal on the tow vehicle reaches the circuits in the hitch plug. If you find that a certain signal is not reaching your trailer’s lights, follow along with Steve to figure out where the problem lies. Take it slow, and you should have no issue getting to the bottom of it!

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