Making an RV a Home: Sprucing up the Place

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Duration: 4:53

Who says a home on wheels can’t look more like your permanent home? Just because your RV came with standard decor doesn’t mean you have to keep it. There are all sorts of easy and inexpensive ways to dress up the inside of your RV to make it feel much more comfortable and lived in. In this free lesson, Lauren Grijalva teaches you simple tips for making an RV a home.

The first method for making an RV a home costs very little but will make a huge difference for the atmosphere of your rig, whether it be a small trailer or a roomier coach. Lauren recommends whipping out the paint cans and redoing the walls of your vehicle’s interior. A lighter shade of paint can brighten any room and give the appearance of more space. And while you’re at it, consider adding shiplap above the bed or in the bathroom and stickers that serve as wallpaper for nice little accents to otherwise plain walls.

Another easy tip for making an RV a home is to swap the standard light fixtures and cabinet hardware for sleeker, more modern alternatives. Manufacturers release more attractive models specifically for RVs, which is great because RV light fixtures often require different voltages and bulbs. Similarly, you can take down the basic shades on your RV’s windows and replace them with decorative curtains that give a homier appearance to your living spaces.

As for the kitchen, Lauren suggests swapping out the rather plain table and chairs that typically come equipped in your rig. You can find great alternatives that don’t cost a ton but will definitely make your dining space feel more like a cozy eating area. And lastly, Lauren shows you how to add pops of color to the inside of your RV in the way of simple decor such as wall hangings, plants, and rugs. Making an RV a home doesn’t have to be an expensive overhaul of everything inside. Just a few small touches here and there!

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