Operating the Accu-Slide Cable Slide Room

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If you’re like us, you could always use more space in your RV, especially in the bedroom. Most RVs aren’t known for their overly spacious sleeping quarters, but thanks to advancements in slide room technology, manufacturers offer newer and better ways to get that little bit extra room to move around.

The majority of RVs nowadays come equipped with some form of main cabin slideout that allows travelers to maximize their living space when they arrive at their destination. However, more recently manufacturers have developed a way to add space in the bedroom. It’s called the Accu-Slide cable slide room, and it’s a must-have for all extended-stay RVers.

Design and operation of the Accu-Slide

Built directly into your bedroom’s wardrobe, the Accu-Slide maximizes space while remaining entirely inconspicuous. Expert Dave Solberg explains how its motorized mechanism is hidden in the structure of the wardrobe, and demonstrates what it looks like when you retract and detract the slideout.

Thanks to a simple setup of cable pulleys and chain gears, the room can be pushed out and pulled in in a matter of seconds. And because it gets its juice from the house 12-volt battery, the Accu-Slide doesn’t need any special rig or cumbersome battery mounting. Plus, Dave talks about the all-important seals and flanges that, respectively, give you an airtight border and clean off the top of the slideout so you don’t need to do much maintenance. With the Accu-Slide cable slide room, you’ll enjoy plenty of extra space without any hassle!

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