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Purchasing RV Session 10: Budget

RV Lifestyle & Repair Editors
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Duration:   10  mins

One of the most-asked questions in buyer seminars are: What should I offer for this RV; how much should I discount; what’s the markup on these? Since there is so much variation in the market that can only be answered by researching that coach. Every RV has an MSRP and is going to have a sticker in it that says here is the base price with all the options in it. When you start looking at used RV’s you will need to go by the NADA book that the dealer has or that you can get online or even go to RV trader and see what their selling for in general. The purchase price, however, is not the only budget consideration when making your purchase. In this session, we will discuss the purchase price along with the other things you need to consider when making your decision.

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