Upgrading to Industrial P30 Sway Bar Bushings

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Duration: 15:29

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If you hear a rattle coming from under your RV when driving, you might have an issue with the rig’s sway bar. Over time, the grommets on a sway bar’s bushings can deteriorate and fall off, causing the sway bar to bounce as you drive. To cure this annoying ailment, you should remove the bushings and replace them with upgraded models. In this lesson, we teach you how to install industrial-strength P30 sway bar bushings to rid your ride of that rattle and ensure your sway bar stays put.

RV expert Dave Solberg walks you through the removal and installation process, showing each step and explaining what you should look for along the way. He talks about the importance of thoroughly cleaning the sway bar once you’ve removed it from the chassis to replace the P30 sway bar bushings, and shows you the best way to get the new bushings properly situated. With a bit of finagling and perhaps a bit of grease on your shirt, you’ll have the sway bar back in place and enjoy peace and quiet when you head on down the road!