• 1:50

    Upping Your WiFi Access For Pop-Up Internet Use

    Even if you use RV travel as an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle, there still might be times when you need to log on and check in. Maybe you need to touch base at work, or maybe have kids who need entertainment on a rainy day at the campground. The KING WiFiMax™ Router/Range…

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  • 2:45

    Installing GasStop

    GasStop is just what it sounds like. If there’s a major leak in the propane system in your camper it stops the flow of propane. What great peace of mind. It’s easy to install and also tells you the fill status of your propane tank BEFORE leaving on your trip. It can also be used…

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  • 37:12

    DIY Countertops

    Here’s a great DIY upgrade you can do for your camper, or your house. Make your own countertops. We’re installing sinks from Lippert in the galley and bathroom, and a very nice Lippert faucet in the galley. Follow along the step-by-step process of making your own countertops.

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  • 9:35

    Tips for Propane Safety on a Camper

    Because propane or LP is used to power so many possible appliances on your camper, it’s very important to understand the characteristics of propane if you plan to utilize it when you camp. Proper propane safety requires that you understand how the system operates and what you should do if any components malfunction. In this…

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  • 6:29

    How to Buy a Pop-Up Camper: 5 Things to Think About

    Pop-up campers are becoming more popular by the day, especially among new RVers who want to dip their toe into new adventures by going for a more manageable vehicle. These rigs are great for those who don’t need the frills and don’t want to break the bank. It’s important to know what you’re looking at…

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  • 9:09

    Turn Your Fridge Into a Chalkboard

    You’re gonna love this for your camper, and your shop, and your kids’ rooms. Turn any smooth surface into a chalkboard you can write on AND stick magnets to. Yep, any smooth surface. We removed the panels from the fridge and used magnetic paint and chalkboard paint to turn those panels into a cool chalkboard.…

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  • 10:14

    Install a New Awning

    If your awning is damaged, or not working correctly, or all of the above, installing a new awning is a simple process. Lippert has lots of awning and awning accessory options you can choose from. The new power awning, with its Smart Arms, is amazing, and the Super Shade Front Panel is a really nice…

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  • 8:31

    Take DISH Programming With You

    This was an easy install. With the satellite antenna outside your camper and the receiver inside, you can have DISH TV programming in HD with you when you go on the road. There’s even an app that’ll help you avoid obstructions and get the best signal. Have a look at what it took to get…

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  • 7:35

    Winegard Air 360+ and Gateway Router

    Winegard’s Air 360+ antenna is omnidirectional and can bring you VHF, UHF and FM signals. Because it’s omnidirectional you don’t have to crank it or focus it. Add the Winegard Gateway and you’ll have 4G LTE and WiFi capabilities. Check out what’s involved in getting these installed on the camper.

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