• Portable Satellite Dish for RV

    Product Option for a Portable Satellite Dish for RV

    There are a variety of satellite receiver options when RVing. Some are permanent structures attached to the top of the rig, while others have to be cranked up to receive a signal. Lucky for us, with so many new advances in technology and the making of devices more portable, we are now able to take…

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  • RV Holding Tank Chemicals

    Proper RV Holding Tank Chemicals to Use

    There is a lot of different RV holding tank chemicals available to use for your system. The chemicals available today are much better than the old-school methods of cleaning holding tanks. In previous years, many RV owners would use cleaning products such as Lysol and Pinesol. Neither option is good to use because they will…

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  • Generator for RV

    Generator for RV: Understanding the Basics

    When you take the path less travelled, it’s always important to be prepared with the right equipment. Camping outside of developed campgrounds, commonly known as dry camping or boondocking, requires a reliable power source beyond the RV’s battery to fuel the appliances you need to enjoy your experience in the great outdoors. From your refrigerator…

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  • RV Fire Extinguisher

    RV Fire Extinguisher Helpful Quick Tip

    Department of Transportation codes determine what fire extinguishers are required to be included in all RV units. The RV fire extinguisher that comes standard with your unit will most likely be a 10BC extinguisher. This type of extinguisher is designed to handle electrical, motor fuel and car fires, however, it is not designed for and…

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  • Water Filter For RV

    Water Filter for RV and Checking Water Source

    One of the more important issues to deal with when connecting to a city water fill is the quality of the water entering your RV. The water at RV campgrounds is required to undergo the same treatment as municipality water systems. All RV parks are required to keep an MSDS in the office and make…

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  • 1:59

    RV Dump Valve Troubleshooting

    The drain valve, or your RV’s dump valve, is the spot where all your plumbing pipes for the holding tanks come together in your RV. Sewage from the black and gray water tanks are plumbed to this valve to allow you to dump the waste at an approved dumping station. Ideally, the material from your…

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  • RV refrigerators

    Common RV Refrigerators and Refrigerator Power Sources

    Many refrigerators on RVs run off one or multiple of three main sources of power, depending on type of vehicle (trailer, fifth wheel, motor home) and power capabilities as dictated by vehicle size. These common power sources for refrigerators on RVs include electricity via generator, on-board battery and LP gas. However, since the 1980s most…

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  • RV transfer switch

    How to Install an Automatic RV Transfer Switch

    The shoreline cord is what gets connected to your RV bringing in power to your distribution center. Older models have a J Box, which has a receptacle coming from the generator and another that goes to the distribution center. This requires you to have to go outside and plug in the generator every time you…

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  • 3:25

    Using Silicone Caulk: Helpful Tips and Proper Clean Up

    Silicone is an important part to maintaining and keeping items in your RV properly sealed. It can be used around windows and cap seals. However, using silicone caulk can be very messy and difficult to clean up. Here are just a few tips to help make using silicone caulk easier and allow for quick clean…

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