• 24:23

    Aquacoat Lacquer

    Wainscoting can be found at many home improvement centers and is often a fairly affordable way to add interest to a wall. Since a couple of the walls in the camper will be fitted with pine wainscoting instead of paint, we’re going to prefinish the pine beforehand to ease the installation process. It’s much easier…

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  • 24:13

    Prefinishing and Installing Wainscoting

    A couple of the walls in the camper are going to receive pine wainscoting instead of paint. This is going to give the camper a warm, cabin-like feel. You can get wainscoting at many home improvement centers such as Home Depot. It’s much easier to prefinish the pine so it’s completely sealed before you put…

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  • 4:44

    Floor Sleeper Replacement

    The sleepers, or floor joists, in the Salem were in bad shape and needed to be replaced. Here’s how that was done, including what you need to know to make sure the replacement components are rigid and strong.

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  • 4:21

    Quick Tips for Cell Signal Boosting

    Despite being an opportunity to disconnect to experience the world a little more closely, comfortable RV travel sometimes requires a little cell service. In this quick video lesson, Lewis Callaway of Callaway Technologies teaches you some simple tips for cell signal boosting, so you can connect to the internet and take calls even in places…

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  • 5:10

    Boosting Your WiFi While Camping at RV Grounds

    In this quick video lesson, Lewis Callaway of Callaway Technologies joins Dave Solberg to explain how signal boosters such as the KING WiFiMax™ Router/Range Extender operate to improve your WiFi while camping. Although more and more campgrounds in the United States have geared up their facilities to offer internet access to RVers, the majority of…

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  • 19:30

    Painting the Cabinets

    The key to having great looking painted cabinets in your camper is starting with grain filler. Grain filler fills in the pores and grain of the wood surfaces so the texture doesn’t have the chance to telegraph through the paint, and the results are night and day. The two colors were used on these cabinets…

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  • 18:48

    Painting the Walls

    A bit of paint goes a long way in refreshing a tired interior. However, painting a camper’s interior isn’t as easy as simply slapping your favorite color on the walls. If you want it to adhere well, it’s important to follow a specific recipe that includes TSP for cleaning and the right primer. The color…

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  • 3:14

    Fabric Battens

    The protective fabric on the bottom of the camper was really droopy. It was intact, so it didn’t need to be replaced, but it needed to be refastened to the bottom of the camper. With wood joists in the camper, I went with wood battens to hold the fabric.

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  • 5:19

    New Radio!

    The radio that was in the camper was…old. And had a cassette player. And didn’t have bluetooth. The new one is sooo much better. In addition to having bluetooth it’ll play DVDs and CDs, and has a USB port you can plug a flash drive full of music into. This radio was a great upgrade.

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