• RV Checklist for Camping: Electrical Troubleshooting

    RV Checklist for Camping: Checking The Campground Source

    There is an RV checklist for camping for just about anything you can imagine when looking to take a vacation on the wide open road. This includes an RV checklist for the electrical connection source at a campground. Before plugging your RV into the campground source, you will need to test for proper polarity and…

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  • RV Checklist for Camping: Checking the Electric Supply

    RV Checklist for Camping: Checking the Electric Supply

    Before plugging your RV into the campground source, it’s important to take the time to check for proper polarity and voltage. Even if you are staying at a familiar campground, it’s a good idea to check for electrical issues that not only could create appliance failure, but can cause severe damage to your RV. These…

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  • How to Add an RV Reading Light

    How to Add an RV Reading Light

    Sometimes at night the passenger will need to read a map or something else to help the driver navigate. An RV reading light installed just behind the passenger will offer enough light to see without disturbing the driver. First you must find a 12-Volt power source to tap into that is not switched somewhere else…

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  • Testing Your RV GFCI Outlets

    Testing and Replacing Your RV GFCI Outlets

    For safety and convenience, it’s best to replace your RV GFCI outlets when they malfunction. These malfunctions can easily be identified with your tester. Watch this handy video and feel confident performing this DIY job that will save you time and money. When should you replace your RV GFCI outlets? When your outlets are old…

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  • When was the Last Time You Tested Your RV GFCI Outlets?

    Testing Your RV GFCI Outlets

    A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCI is a type of outlet that can detect whether the electrical current in your RV is not flowing along the desired path and will immediately shut off the power supply to prevent harmful or fatal electrical shocks. GFCIs work by monitoring imbalances between the neutral wires and the…

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  • LED RV porch light install

    LED RV Porch Light Install

    When you’re boondocking in the wide open spaces with no street lights or other rigs around, having an outside light is crucial and expected all night long. Move your RV to a park or campground, though, and having a porch light on all night long can really annoy the neighbors. Your outdoor lights may make…

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  • Brighten Your Life on the Road With RV LED Lights

    Amp Draw Difference between LED and Incandescent Bulbs

    If you want to compare the benefits of LED and incandescent bulbs, this is the video to watch. You’ll find out why LED lights draw less from your battery while providing the same amount – or even more — light than the old incandescent ones. This video takes you step-by-step to quantify the amp draw…

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  • RV Battery Maintenance Techniques for Extending RV Battery Life

    RV Battery Maintenance Techniques for Extending RV Battery Life

    RV batteries, which run the interior lights, refrigerator, computer, and any other electrical appliance you have installed, are built to last 5-7 years, ideally. Manufacturers recommend that you remove the batteries every month and have them conditioned by a professional. This conditioning breaks up the sulfur solids and other contaminants, churning the liquid inside the…

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  • Simple RV Battery Maintenance To Keep Them Going Longer

    Simple RV Battery Maintenance to Keep Them Going Longer

    Your RV batteries have two jobs: The automotive battery to start and run the RV engine when you’re on the road, and the Deep Cycle house batteries to run the lights and appliances when you’re using your RV as a home instead of as a vehicle. In both cases, it’s clear just how important the batteries are to your RV life enjoyment. Keep up with RV battery maintenance is the simplest way to make sure you have power to make your coffee every morning, while still being able to start the motor and get you on the road when it’s time to move on.

    Like many maintenance jobs, RV battery maintenance may seem like a thankless job that really isn’t needed as often as recommended, but this is one case where you get what you pay for, so to speak. Batteries terminals and connections can corrode in a matter of weeks, and a corroded connection reduces the recharging capabilities of your batteries. When batteries sit in an uncharged state they will not only provide less power, they begin to sulfate. Sulfation is the number one killer of RV batteries.

    In this video, you’ll learn the simple techniques for doing a basic RV battery maintenance session. You’ll see how to remove loose corrosion powder from the outside of the battery, and what corroded posts look like when they need care. Find out what comes in a battery maintenance kit and why you need to have every item in there. You’ll see safety tips on the correct way to remove and attach battery cables, as well as hints on preventing damage from battery acid splashes. From visual inspections to using battery post protector, you’ll learn all the steps to RV battery maintenance here.

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