• RV Entertainment Center Overview

    When traveling, sometimes what you want to watch on television is not what the kids, your husband or wife or other travel companions want to watch. Because of this, your RV entertainment center offers you the ability to control what signals are fed into the two different parts of the RV – the front and… Read more »

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  • Double Your Antenna Signal Strength by Installing the Winegard Rayzar Air

    One of the best things about living the RV lifestyle is the beautiful scenery you’ll enjoy right outside your front door. Anything gets old after enough time has passed, though, and that includes even beautiful natural vistas. Sooner or later you’re going to want to enjoy your favorite television shows just for a change of… Read more »

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  • Still Watching an Old Set? Replace Your Old RV TV

    For years, RV manufacturers built boxes above the front of the cabin to house television sets. Most sets were thicker from front to back than they were from side to side, so they had to sit flush in a dedicated box, aimed straight toward the back of the rig. If you wanted to sit at… Read more »

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  • Install an RV TV Antenna in Just Five Minutes

    The main television in your RV is somewhere in the living room, but what about those times when you want to watch a show as you fall asleep? Having a secondary television in the bedroom takes care of those nights, as well as those when the grandkids stay over and you have different tastes in… Read more »

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  • switch to rv led replacement bulbs

    Making the switch to LED can make your RV feel much more open and bright. There are a variety of LED replacement bulbs on the market; therefore, it’s important to research the differences. The more expensive RV LED replacement bulbs are made with an aluminum cage in-between the chips rather than fiberboard. This helps the… Read more »

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  • Installing a 130 wt Converter-007950f_T3180u_c

    Boondocking, or dry camping, is the practice of parking an RV overnight in a spot with no running water or electricity. Boondockers rely on their own supplies they have built up. The benefit of dry camping is that some of the spots used are in the pristine wilderness, untouched and filled with natural beauty. They’re… Read more »

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  • Wingman Boosts the Reach of Your RV TV Antenna

    With the advent of new technologies like HDTV and digital TV, RVers often ask whether they need a new RV TV antenna. This informative video introduces the easy-to-install Wingman booster that effectively increases your range and reception, eliminating the need to invest in another RV TV antenna. The video asks you to analyze how much… Read more »

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