• 5:14

    Watch TV at a Dry Camp with an RV Inverter

    Boondocking, or dry camping, is the practice of parking an RV overnight in a spot with no running water or electricity. Boondockers must rely on their own supplies while staying in these locations. The benefit of dry camping is that some of the most beautiful RV sites are located in the pristine wilderness, untouched and…

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  • 2:29

    Upgrading to the Winegard Rayzar Automatic Antenna

    The days of the batwing are long gone. Thanks to recent advancements in technology, now there’s no need to climb on top of your RV to adjust the antenna to catch a signal. With the Winegard Rayzar automatic antenna, watching TV in your RV is entirely work- and stress-free. All you have to do is…

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  • 4:22

    Tightening Loose Cables on an Accu-Slide Cable Slide Room

    Like any component on an RV, the Accu-Slide cable slide room is liable to wear down and require maintenance after repeated uses, especially when it comes to the cables that retract and extend the unit. If you notice that your slide room doesn’t seem to pull tightly into the wall or push all the way…

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  • Revolutionize Your RV TV with the Winegard RAYZAR Z-1 Antenna

    Revolutionize Your TV with the Winegard RAYZAR Z-1 Antenna

    For years, the traditional batwing antenna has been the go-to choice for RVers who like to enjoy a little TV at the campground. This model enjoyed a great run of success, for it’s time for a newer, more reliable alternative. Enter the RAYZAR Z-1 from Winegard. This permanently mounted antenna stands at just 8.4-inches and…

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  • RV Battery Charge

    Improving RV Battery Charge and Extending Battery Life

    Despite what the forums might say about standard RV battery life being only two to three years, your on-board, deep cycle batteries should have the capability to last you between five and seven years. That is, if you take proper care of your battery and complete regular maintenance to combat invasive sulfation. There are a…

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  • how to strip a wire

    How to Strip a Wire in Your RV

    When conducting electrical work on your RV, it is important to know how to strip a wire and the different connectors available for splicing electrical wires together. With a few simple steps, you can properly strip and terminate wires using a butt splice. Using a butt splice is the same as an eye splice or…

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  • TV Antenna for RV

    TV Antenna for RV Options

    If you’re like us, you feel better having the option to watch TV when you’re out on the road. Having weather and traffic updates is crucial for certain parts of the country, and you never know when you’ll be traveling during a big game. Depending on how much you use your TV antenna for RV…

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  • Portable Satellite Dish for RV

    Product Option for a Portable Satellite Dish for RV

    There are a variety of satellite receiver options when RVing. Some are permanent structures attached to the top of the rig, while others have to be cranked up to receive a signal. Lucky for us, with so many new advances in technology and the making of devices more portable, we are now able to take…

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  • 5:53

    How to Upgrade Your RV Wall Light to 12V

    Some RV owners like to go through and upgrade all of their motor home lights with LED lights. If you are finding that the wall lamps in the RV have bad sockets or are loose and flickering, it might be time to considering upgrading to new 12 volt RV wall lights. It is simple to…

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