• How to Replace a Door Screen in a RV

    Watch as George Vondriska teaches you how to replace a door screen in your RV. He then shows you how to install a steel grate that will keep your four legged friends from destroying the new installation. He walks you step-by-step through the entire process, demonstrating each of the necessary RV maintenance tips and techniques…

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  • 1:17

    RV marker lights, also known as clearance lights, are required by all traffic safety laws and need to be fully operational while driving your RV. The red RV marker lights are those found along the top of the exterior of the unit showing the highest clearance point of the RV. The amber RV marker lights…

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  • Tips on How to Clean an RV Awning

    There are a few different ways to clean an RV awning, ensuring it remains mold and damage free. Knowing how to clean an RV awning is just the beginning to proper maintenance of this part of your RV. By keeping it clean you will extend the life of the awning, ensure you have continued protection…

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  • Tips on How to Keep Mice Out of an RV

    Rodents, especially mice are a big problem when it comes to storing an RV. Knowing how to keep mice out of an RV will help prevent disgusting dropping and damage to your RV when it comes time to put your unit away for the winter. There are different methods and product you can use to…

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  • Helpful tips for your RV windshield wipers

    It is important to take time each year to go over your entire windshield, including the RV windshield wipers. Over time the wipers can become damaged and detached from the wiper assembly, causing visibility issues and other problems which could scratch or damage the windshield. RV windshield wipers can become damaged from driving in the…

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  • Simple DIY RV Windshield Repair Tips

    It is important to conduct an RV windshield repair immediately upon discovering chips and spider cracking on your RV windshield. If the damage is less than a quarter of an inch in diameter, you should be able to repair the damage yourself using a DIY RV windshield repair kit. These kits are available at RV…

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  • RV maintenance tips: Kwikee Step

    Every RV requires regular RV maintenance to be conducted. Doing so will help identify potential problems early and allows for ample time to fix things before hitting the road. This includes conducting an inspection and routine maintenance on your RV’s steps. During RV maintenance check all rivets, bearings and pivot points. Clean these areas ridding…

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  • How to Inspect your RV Slide Room with These RV Tips

    RV Slide outs are designed to be low maintenance, but periodic inspection is required to keep them in good condition. Our video provides RV tips and inspection directions using an actual RV making it easy to visualize the issues. Hydraulic or Electrical Issues Slide-out mechanisms are usually driven by 12 volt DC mechanism or by…

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  • Keep Your RV Windows Working Smoothly

    As with all other interior/exterior components of your RV, it’s important to keep your RV windows in great shape. This requires only an hour or two of your time every now and then. In this quick instructional video, RV expert Dave Solberg teaches you all the essentials you’ll need to ensure your windows are remain…

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