• How to Replace Your Old RV Sewer Vent

    In an RV water system, the sewer vent allows sewer gas to escape and allows water to flow through the system. It’s a basic technique that lets you have a kitchen and bathroom in the same vehicle without contaminating one with the other. Without releasing sewer gas and allowing fresh air into the system, the… Read more »

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  • Double Your Antenna Signal Strength by Installing the Winegard Rayzar Air

    One of the best things about living the RV lifestyle is the beautiful scenery you’ll enjoy right outside your front door. Anything gets old after enough time has passed, though, and that includes even beautiful natural vistas. Sooner or later you’re going to want to enjoy your favorite television shows just for a change of… Read more »

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  • RV Modifications: Install an Oxygenating Showerhead in Your Bathroom

    Few RV modifications can have a bigger impact on your overall comfort level than upgrades in the bathroom. With traditional RV showerheads, limited water and low pressure can make for a subpar shower, but with an oxygenating showerhead you get more bang for your buck and you don’t have to worry as much about running… Read more »

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  • Keep the Moisture Out by Caulking Your RV Sink

    Most RVers think there is no maintenance required for countertops and sinks. Just keep them clean and dry like at home and there is nothing more that needs to be done. The truth is that as you travel down the road, bumps and dips on the road surface cause small amounts of twisting and turning… Read more »

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  • RV Kitchen Faucet Replacement Instructions

    The vibration from being on the road can loosen the most secure fittings, making it easy for dirt and foreign objects to get underneath the faceplate on your kitchen faucet. This is just one of the many reasons you might need to replace this basic fixture. Doing your own kitchen plumbing might seem like a… Read more »

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  • switch to rv led replacement bulbs

    Making the switch to LED can make your RV feel much more open and bright. There are a variety of LED replacement bulbs on the market; therefore, it’s important to research the differences. The more expensive RV LED replacement bulbs are made with an aluminum cage in-between the chips rather than fiberboard. This helps the… Read more »

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  • Reduce the Noise Caused by RV Sinks

    Aluminum and stainless steel RV sinks can be a bit noisy, especially when confined in a small kitchen area. Tinging noises can come from dropping things in the sink and movement/vibrations while driving. These types of sinks also do not maintain temperatures for both hot and cold items very long. Some more modern RV sinks… Read more »

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  • RV LED Lights: Are They Right for Your RV?

    Which type of light bulb do you choose when you face a burned out incandescent bulb in your RV? Older RV’s had energy consuming incandescent bulbs while newer coaches have gone to halogens. Do I simply replace the bulb with the same type or upgrade to the new LED technology? And are all LED bulbs… Read more »

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  • Winterizing Overview 007818f_T3046u_c

    In this video, learn how to winterize an RV. The traditional way to winterize is to pour four or five gallons of antifreeze into the RV, then run the system in order to ensure that all of your pipes have antifreeze rather than water in them. There are, however, other options which use less antifreeze…. Read more »

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