• 007878f_T3106u_c

    Sometimes when an RV refrigerator is not cooling properly all it needs is a little tender loving care. Before conducting a full troubleshooting process for your unit, take time to look at the backside and clean off the coils. Because this area easily collects dust, an RV refrigerator that has insufficient cooling might just need… Read more »

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  • Fixing a Dripping Faucet-008153f_T3301u_c

    Anyone who has ever tried to endure a night of sleep in an RV with a dripping faucet will know the bad dreams drops of water can cause. As annoying as a drip may be, it’s equally as easy to fix with some simple replacement parts or a minor upgrade. To help you diagnose the… Read more »

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  • Installing a 130 wt Converter-007950f_T3180u_c

    Boondocking, or dry camping, is the practice of parking an RV overnight in a spot with no running water or electricity. Boondockers rely on their own supplies they have built up. The benefit of dry camping is that some of the spots used are in the pristine wilderness, untouched and filled with natural beauty. They’re… Read more »

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  • Wingman Boosts the Reach of Your RV TV Antenna

    With the advent of new technologies like HDTV and digital TV, RVers often ask whether they need a new RV TV antenna. This informative video introduces the easy-to-install Wingman booster that effectively increases your range and reception, eliminating the need to invest in another RV TV antenna. The video asks you to analyze how much… Read more »

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