• Travel Photography

    Travel Photography

    How you carry your camera equipment when you are travelling is entirely preferential, but Layne Kennedy wants to give you a few recommendations for how to store and carry your equipment on a travel photography shoot. Depending on the weather in the region that you’re travelling to and the type of travel you’ll be doing,…

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  • Getting Creative With Your Photos When Traveling

    Getting Creative With Your Photos When Traveling

    Layne Kennedy teaches you how to avoid ending up with the standard travel photos that most photographers capture at historical locations. Step out of your comfort zone and get creative; your portfolio will thank you.

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  • How to Compose a Time Lapse Video

    How to Compose a Time Lapse Video

    Steve Niedorf teaches you why you shouldn’t bail early on a photo shoot. When Steve’s plan for shooting the setting sun over Minneapolis fell through, he took the opportunity to create a time lapse video. You’ll learn some of the simple tips and techniques Steve likes to use to capture a professional looking time lapse.

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  • The Art of Storytelling

    The Art of Storytelling

    Layne Kennedy visits a local Key West bar to capture some storytelling photography of a cigar roller. When discussing the art of storytelling in photography, Lanye makes sure to incorporate all elements of the cigar roller’s stand, including the patrons, the roller’s hands, the bar in the background and the cigars themselves.

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  • Steps for Editing a Time Lapse Photo

    Steps for Editing a Time Lapse Photo

    Steve Niedorf goes into the smaller details in post production today demonstrating with Lightroom, the expert way to edit time lapse photography.

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  • Tips and Tricks to Consider when Creating a Photo Book

    Tips and Tricks to Consider when Creating a Photo Book

    Layne Kennedy teaches you a few expert tips and techniques for making your self-publishing experience positive and getting exactly what you want in the finished product. When uploading work for the book, Layne recommends cleaning your images, using Photoshop to create your own specific layout, following all of the publisher’s requirements for aspects such as…

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  • Capturing Fun Lake Photos

    Capturing Fun Lake Photos

    Layne Kennedy enjoys a day at the lake to demonstrate a few simple techniques that you can employ to get the best results when you take photos of friends swimming and diving. He recommends changing the angle of your shooting and working with your subjects to capture unique images that show how much fun they’re…

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  • Taking Outdoor Portraits of Children

    Taking Outdoor Portraits of Children

    Jessica Hinnenkamp teaches you how to properly capture outdoor portrait photography of children. She recommends shooting early in the morning or late in the day with a prime, zoom or wide lens, considering the popularity of your portrait location and scouting it out beforehand, working with different lines and textures in your photos and keeping…

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  • Tips to Taking Action Shots of Your Pets

    Tips to Taking Action Shots of Your Pets

    Layne Kennedy discusses a simple way to get different photos of your family pet than the typical indoor shots. He recommends going outside in the yard and using your dslr camera to experiment with various angles and actions.

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