• Capturing Everyday Moments: Children Photography Tips

    Capturing Everyday Moments: Children Photography Tips

    Jessica Hinnenkamp discusses some simple and unique tips and techniques for capturing children photography, specifically those everyday moments that your family will talk about years later. She talks about the importance of utilizing the proper lens, adjusting your ISO and shutter speed for the type of lighting, and either capturing your children as they are…

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  • Photographing Landscape Reflections at Sunrise

    Landscape Reflections at Sunrise

    Watch as Ian Plant provides you with tips and techniques on how to photograph landscapes at sunrise. Paying close attention to the intensity of the reflections is key as the sun is rising. As light gets higher and more intense you have more options to photograph different landscapes.

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  • Photographing Landscapes in Non-Optimal Light

    Photographing Landscapes in Non-Optimal Light

    The landscape photographer is always on the hunt for great light. You spend time on the computer looking at weather sites and time listening to the weather radio but sometimes, you are on location, you want to shoot, and the light is not what you hoped for. In this lesson you will learn how to…

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  • Guidelines for Shooting Landscapes

    Guidelines for Shooting Landscapes

    Shooting landscapes is one of the most difficult and easiest things to shoot all at the same time and its compelling as a photographer to be at the right place at the right time to capture that iconic image. Join Layne Kennedy as he goes on a photo adventure to capture desert images of cactus.…

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  • Quick Tips to Planning a Photographic Trip

    Quick Tips to Planning a Photographic Trip

    Planning a roadtrip is what photographers live for getting out and seeing new things and photograph opportunities to add to their portfolio. But to do this and do it effectively you need to be prepared to maximize the time you have while on the road. Layne Kennedy provides some tips to how he prepares for…

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  • Camera Lens Protectors: Filters, Hoods & Lens Caps

    Camera Lens Protectors: Filters, Hoods & Lens Caps

    Using a filter as a camera lens protector has been a much-debated issue. Our resident expert photographer Steve Niedorf is here to lay out the pros and cons of using a filter to protect the front element of your camera’s lens. With the technological advances of today’s lenses, it’s important to take good care of…

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  • Photographing a Panoramic with a Wide Angle Lens

    Photographing a Panoramic with a Wide Angle Lens

    Layne Kennedy visits the Boundary Waters to capture a panoramic photo of two connecting lakes using a wide-angle lens. He stresses the importance of using a tripod, manual exposure and manual focus with overlapping shots to make sure you include every inch of the panoramic image and tell the whole story.

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  • Newborn Baby Quilts

    Newborn Baby Quilts

    It is always an exciting time when a new baby is expected in the family. Diane Harris walks us through how to make better baby quilts, specifically for newborns that can help us mark these special occasions. Watch as some different examples of baby quilts are showcased, and listen as Diane walks you through step-by-step…

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  • How to Land an RC Plane

    How to Land an RC Plane

    Bob Snyder teaches you how to land an RC plane safely and efficiently. Landing your plane is something that needs to be done and in this video, Bob provides helpful tips and techniques for making the landing process much easier. Find out how the weather conditions play a role in the landing process and see…

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