• How to Take Off an RC Airplane

    In this video, Bob Snyder from Pennsylvania demonstrates the basics of taking off your RC plane. Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced RC pilot looking to sharpen your skills, Bob’s tips will ensure your next take off is level and smooth.

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  • Basic Maneuvers for Beginner RC Pilots

    Aerobatic maneuvers are an exciting element of radio control flying. In this RC hobby video, Bob Snyder teaches you some basic maneuvers that you will want to learn before you begin to fly. Watch as he demonstrates the loop, aileron roll, and inverted flight maneuvers.

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  • How to Perform a Pre-Flight Check

    Steve Thomas, from Bob’s Hobby Center in Orlando, Florida, gives you a general overview of how to perform a pre-flight check on a sport plane in this video. A pre-flight check is always started at the end of the last flight, when the integrity of the airplane needs to be checked. These things are important…

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  • How to Repair Foam on Damaged RC Planes

    RC plane repair has never been easier. In this video, learn a few helpful tips for repairing foam on a damaged RC plane. Larry Tudor has a broken elevator on his plane and goes through the repair process step by step.

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  • Tips for Selecting RC Props

    Steve Thomas from Bob’s Hobby Center in Orlando, Florida, shares his tips for selecting props for your RC models. When selecting a propeller, it is important to complement the size of the motor and the style of the aircraft that you are building. Steve also shares the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of RC…

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  • Joe Malinchak: Great Lake Biplane

    Joe Malinchak shows off his 4″ wingspan Great Lakes Biplane. This micro RC plane has a single phase brushless motor that allows it to fly for 2 minutes. It was tricky designing and building this small plane, according to Joe. Enjoy watching the Great Lakes Biplane fly and watch to see where it lands!

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  • Selecting Your First RC Plane

    One of the common questions asked in RC hobby shops is about selecting your first radio. In this video, Steve Thomas provides helpful tips for selecting your first radio and RC plane, including the many variables and considerations for selecting a model suited to your skill level.

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  • learn-how-to-improve-your-golf-swing-with-the-no-slice-baseball-swing-007748

    In this video Dr. Gary Wiren helps you avoid from the dreaded slice with this rotation of the forearm drill. When you swing your club like a baseball bat, your forearm naturally turns over and squares the face. Try this with your practice swing to create less tension and keep the club face square so…

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  • Golf Swing Drills: The Aircraft Carrier Drill

    In this video, Joseph Hallett gives you tips and techniques on how to hit your fairway woods solid. Follow along and learn this simple, fun and effective drill called the aircraft carrier drill. This sweeping drill will help your shots soar!

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