• Buying a Used RV: Roof Inspection

    When buying a used RV, it’s important to fully inspect every component on the vehicle, from the engine to the bathroom and especially the roof. The roof is the primary spot for cracking, leaks and damage due to the elements. To help you figure out what to look for when you climb the ladder to…

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  • Buying a Used RV: Inspecting the Exterior

    There are many things you need to check before buying a used RV, including the sidewalls of the unit. To properly inspect the sidewalls of a used RV, it is best to slowly walk around the exterior of the unit looking for any visible damage. The degree of damage could reduce the overall price you…

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  • Buying a Used RV: Front End Inspection Tips

    Buying a used RV can have many benefits, including saving you money when compared to purchasing a new RV. However, without conducting a proper front end inspection before signing the sales contract could result in having to pay for costly repairs in the near future. Conducting a thorough inspection of the front end could save…

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