• RVRC GOLD: Getting Your RV Out of Hibernation

    Welcome back to our RVRC GOLD! Join us Thursday, February 25th at 4:00 pm CT to talk about how to get your RV out of Hibernation this season!

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  • 33:00

    RVRC GOLD: Connecting to the Fresh Water Source at a Campground

    Welcome to our RVRC GOLD Live event! It appears easy to just connect a garden hose to a campground source and get pressurized water for your RV. However, RV owners need to know about water pressure (psi) and how to regulate it, filtering options for hard well water, and tips for using the correct hose and connections. This session will cover how to test the water pressure and what regulators to use to keep your RV from getting flooded as well as testing the water for harmful bacteria and other issues.

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  • RVRC GOLD: All About Propane

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: The RVRC GOLD event has been postponed due to technical issues. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will announce the new date via email. In the next RVRC GOLD LIVE, our very own RV expert Dave Solberg will teach you all you need to know about propane.

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  • 33:44

    RVRC GOLD: Fresh Water Pumps

    RV repair expert Dave Solberg covers everything you need to know about your RV’s fresh water pump. Troubleshooting, diagnostics, tips, tricks, and more are discussed.

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  • 34:21

    RVRC GOLD: All About Furnaces

    RV repair expert Dave Solberg covers everything you need to know about your RV’s furnace. Maintenance, tips and tricks are discussed.

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  • 33:28

    RVRC GOLD: All About Solar

    RV repair expert Dave Solberg covers everything you need to know about solar care for your RV. Solar basics, types of panels, the number of panels needed, battery maintenance, and more.

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  • 33:50

    RVRC GOLD: Roof Air Conditioners

    RV repair expert Dave Solberg covers the topic of roof AC units in this RVRC GOLD LIVE class. Roof AC units require minimal maintenance, however there are some things you can do to make them run more efficiently. Since the unit is a closed system, insufficient cooling is easy to troubleshoot with a few minor steps.

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  • 33:34

    RVRC GOLD: Checking Voltage & Polarity At The Campground

    Dave Solberg deep dives into checking voltage and polarity while at the campground. He walks you through the entire process and answers viewers questions along the way.

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  • 32:12

    RVRC GOLD: Solar 101

    Tune in for a course on solar 101 with resident expert Dave Solberg. He touches on solar basics, types of solar panels, how to calculate the number of panels you need, battery maintenance, and more.

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