• 8:00

    Exploring Great Smoky Mountains National Park

    Running majority of the border between Tennessee and North Carolina, Great Smoky Mountains National Park is America’s most visited national park and the home to unbelievable scenes of wildlife as well as beautiful stories of immigrant settlers, thriving mining towns and great explorers. Spanning half a million acres of undulating hillside and forested mountaintops, Great…

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  • 6:08

    Uncover the Wonders of Maine in Acadia National Park

    Explore the Atlantic coastline of Maine in its infinite glory at Acadia National Park, the United States’ first national park east of the Mississippi–the place where fresh saltwater air and glacier-smoothed mountain rock collide, and where North America first says hello to the sun. You can begin your visit to wonderful Acadia National Park at…

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  • 6:59

    Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park Exploration

    Sky-high tree tops as far as the eye can see–is there any sweeter view in the world than a sprawling and expanding forest? Skirting eastern California and crawling toward the border of Nevada: that’s where you’ll find some of the nation’s oldest and most beloved forests and national parks. Remote, untouched and majestic, these national…

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  • 6:04

    Take a Walk Through History in Badlands National Park

    Sprawled in the southwest region of South Dakota, the majority of Badlands National Park was carved by wind and rain into a seemingly infinite expanse of canyons, ravines, mesas, buttes and gullies–the sort of harsh, uninhabitable landscape that makes master hikers roll up their sleeves and grit their teeth. But then there is the softer,…

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