• 4:46

    Theodore Roosevelt National Park: Preservation and Inspiration

    It seems appropriate that one of this nation’s most remarkable and serene landscapes should be named after the president who spent the most time and effort to ensure the United States’ natural beacons remained preserved for all to enjoy. Theodore Roosevelt National Park, our only national park with a person as its namesake, is a…

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  • 5:13

    Channel Islands National Park: Pure and Wild California

    There’s something remarkable about visiting an island that’s remained preserved for centuries in all its exotic splendor. Strenuous hikes along primitive trails that lead through forests of nearly 1,000 species of flowering plants, some of which can be found nowhere else in the world; seals and seal lions bickering in the sun as they tan…

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  • 5:04

    Glacier Bay National Park: Beauty Rediscovered, Again and Again

    There are few places in the world like Alaska’s national parks. The Frontier State is home to some of the most remarkable experiences and awe-inspiring vistas. It’s no wonder mankind holds us this breathtaking stretch of diverse land with such fascination, seemingly discovering its wonders time and time again. One such portion of the state…

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  • 5:33

    The Remote Water Wonderland of Isle Royale National Park

    There’s nothing quite like a remote escape to a secluded and majestic landscape, where modern means are left at the doorstep and footpath is the only medium for travel. Such is the case for most of the islands of the Great Lakes, and especially for Lake Superior and its largest island, Isle Royale, It’s here…

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  • 7:19

    Glacier National Park: Crown of the Continent

    It’s a sculpture garden of titanic proportion that could have only been carved by some mythical Michelangelo. Massive mountain ridges run along the Continental Divide, known by the indigenous Blackfeet people as the great “backbone of the world.” The first of its kind and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it makes up over half of…

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  • 1:41

    Cold Weather RV Camping: Tips and Equipment for Greater Comfort

    Cold weather RV camping doesn’t have to entail roughing it and freezing your buns off until the spring thaw. There are many simple steps you can take to ensure your winter camping experience is more comfortable and your equipment remains fully functional. In this lesson, Dave Solberg discusses a few of his favorite tips for…

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  • 9:50

    Death Valley National Park: America’s Hottest Natural Wonderland

    There’s no other national park quite like Death Valley National Park. In a place where temperatures frequently reach 120 degrees in the shade and water appears in short supply, there is a surprising history of human endeavor and exploration. Why would someone want to make a name for themselves in such a seemingly uninhabitable place?…

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  • 5:35

    Katmai National Park and Preserve: Kayaks, Sockeyes and Bears, Oh My!

    It’s amazing to think: out of one of the most volcanically active and toxic regions of the world sprouted perhaps the most startling landscape of brightness, color and fervent life. Katmai National Park and Preserve, eons ago a volatile range of volcanoes, today a beacon to those who say Mother Nature has a twisted sense…

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  • 1:47

    RV Size Limits for State and National Parks: What’s the Rule?

    We’re asked all the time: Is there a nationwide size restriction on RVs and trailers in state and national parks? The short answer is no. Most parks in the United States treat RVs differently; some allow every type of rig, from the standard tow trailer to 45-foot rolling estates, while other parks deem certain roads…

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