• TV Antenna for RV

    If you’re like us, you feel better having the option to watch TV when you’re out on the road. Having weather and traffic updates is crucial for certain parts of the country, and you never know when you’ll be traveling during a big game. Depending on how much you use your TV antenna for RV…

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  • RV refrigerators

    Many refrigerators on RVs run off one or multiple of three main sources of power, depending on type of vehicle (trailer, fifth wheel, motor home) and power capabilities as dictated by vehicle size. These common power sources for refrigerators on RVs include electricity via generator, on-board battery and LP gas. However, since the 1980s most…

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  • rv grey water system

    RVers who like dry camping, or boondocking, know how valuable their fresh water supply can be. If you go days between spots with available fresh water, you need to conserve your supply as much as possible. The basic RV plumbing setup uses clean water to flush the toilets, much like a toilet at home will…

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  • rv furnace

    One of the best parts about camping in an RV instead of a tent is that you can do it all year round. While in a tent you’re subject to the whims of Mother Nature, but your RV will always be cozy because of insulation and a working furnace. Much like a house furnace, an…

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  • 0:41

    If you’re looking to discover the correct technique for learning how to mount a TV in an RV, Dave Solberg knows an insider tip that will add one step to the process but also make the mount much more secure and leave you feeling more carefree. In teaching how to mount a TV in an…

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  • RV Tips: Use a 5th Wheel with Fuel Tanks

    There are many benefits to owning a toy hauler trailer rather than a standard fifth wheel. Most RVers know that standard fifth wheel trailers are typically not equipped with fuel tanks, which means using precious propane to fuel an on-board generator. It also means experts will almost always recommend the more versatile toy hauler to…

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  • 0:52

    It is arguably one of the most important systems used in the RVing world. It is non-toxic, colorless, and odorless (until that rotten egg-like odor is added for our safety). You guessed it – we are talking about Propane, or liquefied petroleum gas (LP-Gas). Why is it such an important part of RVing? Propane from…

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  • RV Battery Maintenance: Testing House Batteries

    RV battery maintenance has just became easier! The 12-volt deep cycle battery or batteries of your house system must be properly charged to prolong their life and reduce sulfation. You can check not only the current state of charge in your house batteries but the charging system of your converter with a multi-meter. House batteries…

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  • RV Roof Repair: Seal a Front Cap with Outdoor Silicone

    It’s important to protect your RV from the elements, especially when it comes to leaks and moisture damage, and the roof is the first place to check when completing exterior maintenance on your vehicle. Particularly with RV roof repair, components that are prone to cracking and separating, such as the roof’s front cap, should be…

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