• 2:59

    Proper RV Battery Storage: Tips and Troubleshooting

    Even the most expensive RV batteries with the highest quality components are susceptible to damage and malfunction when stored improperly. To get the most out of your investment and ensure the longest lifespan for your battery, there are a few simple rules you should follow when storing it for the winter months, and a couple…

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  • 1:53

    Are 6-Volt RV Batteries in Series Better Than a Single 12 Volt?

    We get a lot of members of the RV Repair Club community asking what kind of RV batteries they should use on their rig. They’re often unsure whether they should opt for a single 12-volt battery or a pair of 6-volt RV batteries in series (equaling 12-volts). The answer to which is better is a…

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