RVRC LIVE! June 2018

Did you miss this month’s RVRC LIVE? Dave Solberg, managing editor of RV Repair Club, answers questions submitted by viewers in this LIVE Q&A.

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32 Responses to “RVRC LIVE! June 2018”

  1. glenn

    kweikee steps

  2. paul payne

    can you help? I have a slide out that will go out but not in .found out it was the control , Kwikee part PN 1802930 and they don't make this any more, is there any other part that will work for the slideout, or what can I do? thanks

  3. Elden

    I have bottom end knocking crankshaft/crank bearing I'm not a mechanic, How much trouble am I looking at? It is a 455 front wheel drive

  4. William

    Fifth wheel tires should be replaced how often. I have been advised every two years for 10 ply but 12/14 last longer.

  5. kerry

    Hi Our 5th wheel has battery problems. We are 6 weeks into trip and wonder if a stay on 30 amp fried our system We are now heading back home to try to get repaired as no one can help us on the road - everyone is booked up for at least a week. We are at least 4 days away from our home where we bought our 5th wheel We are running a trickle feed which was suggested to us as we just need to get home after buying one new battery and havin the other one re-charged. Still dropping power Any suggestions? Thank you

  6. krcotton

    This will be only the third summer I've used this camper and when I got it out of storage I noticed really bad delamination on the front and back of the unit I've contacted Keystone but have not heard back from them I don't know what to do because I have a feeling they not going to do anything for me do you have any suggestions thank you

  7. Pam Wolters

    What is a good way to do a though cleaning of your black and gray water tanks, we are sure they are empty , but sometimes the gauge shows otherwise, I have hear that sometimes they need a cleaning method other than just emptying and flushing with fresh water ,

  8. Terry D Gillis

    The screens on inside of windows have some rubber/plastic clips that are to hold the screens in place. The screens vibrate against frames, some clips mno longer hold sc reen in place. What is best way to ensure those little screens stay in place and dont vibrate.

  9. Patrick Gagne

    Our water pump is rather loud and the flow not so good. What brand and model of water pump do you recommend for best flow and pressure?

  10. DAN

    The roof vent for the fridge is only about a 5" round vent cap. Most all of the others that I have ever seen are the longer and wider vents. Should I replace mine to a larger vent in order to get more vented air flow to the back of the fridge?