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Welcome to RV Lifestyle & Repair’s first-ever Trailer Makeover! Join your host George Vondriska and the RVLR team as we transform a 1997 Salem Forest River 20’ trailer from dated to deluxe one room at a time! Follow along to see how we’ll tackle problem areas like the bunkhouse, dinette, and kitchen to maximize space, improve efficiency, and take this trailer into the 21st century. Get ready, and buckle up—you won’t want to miss a moment of this adventure.


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Two men talking outside an RV

Part 1

Camper Restoration With George And Dave
Man fixing an RV bench

Part 2

Gutting the Interior
Man laying down in an RV bend

Part 3

Table To Bed
Peeling up wood floor

Part 4

Repair the Floor
Man standing by an RV door

Part 5

Door Removal
Tools on a piece of plywood

Part 6

Cutting Plywood
Corner repair

Part 7

Corner Repair And Rebuild
Building a cabinet

Part 8

Building Cabinets
Touching up exterior paint

Part 9

Touching Up Exterior Paint
Driving neoprene wash screws

Part 10

Driving Neoprene Washer Screws
Flow max water pump

Part 11

Lippert Water Pump Installation
Cell phone amplifier

Part 12

Winegard Cell Phone Amplifier Install
Cell booster installation

Part 13

Winegard Cell Booster Installation
Pieces of wood on a machine

Part 14

Fabric Battens
Rolling paint on a wall

Part 15

Painting the Walls
Aqua coat cabinet grain filler

Part 16

Painting the Cabinets
Person in an RV installing wainscotting

Part 17

Prefinishing And Installing Wainscoting
Man outside an RV door

Part 18

Installing The Door
Removing caulk

Part 19

Removing Caulk
Man removing screws in a bench seat

Part 20

Removing Screws In Tight Spots
Splicing wire

Part 21

Splicing Wire
Man using putty tape

Part 22

Using Putty Tape
Winegard router

Part 23

Winegard Air 360+ And Gateway Router

Part 24

Take DISH Programming With You
Man with an awning

Part 25

Install A New Awning
Let's go camping written on a chalkboard

Part 26

Turn Your Fridge Into A Chalkboard
Kitchen in an RV

Part 27

DIY Countertops

Part 28

Installing GasStop
Nano shades on an RV window

Part 29

Installing Nano Shades
Removing old nails

Part 30

Easily Remove Old Nails
Painting a door

Part 31

Painting A Door
Trimming Around Windows

Part 32

Trimming Around Windows
Cabinet hardwear

Part 33

Tracking Small Parts
Baskets on a wall

Part 33

Cabinets And Baskets
Building the base of a bed

Part 34

Build A Folding Bed
Bike rack on an RV

Part 35

Lippert Bike Rack
Maintaining trailer wheel bearings

Part 36

Maintaining Your Trailer’s Wheel Bearings
Anti-sway hitch

Part 37

Anti Sway Hitch
Epoxy rock guard

Part 38

Epoxy Rock Guard
Light on a board

Part 39

Working Around Wires
Installing new flooring

Part 40

Installing New Flooring
Let's go camping written on a chalkboard

Part 41

Wrapping Up

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15 Responses to “Trailer Makeover”

  1. Jay Sizemore

    I’m replacing the dingy carpet in my 2015 Coachman Brookstone 334RE. Trying to figure best way to put the new vinyl plank flooring onto the the dinning slide out which sits flush when extended. Currently it just has a flap of carpet that lays on the floor but looks like the vinyl would break if done this way and step on! Help

  2. Steve Cuthbert

    Removing floor in bathroom and bunk sidewall, all rotted due to roof and sidewall leaks. How do I locate roof leaks?

  3. tammy warner

    There are two holes in roof is there a way I can repair this myself? I also have water damage inside that I will need to repair but after roof is repaired. Thanks

  4. Tony Misiura

    How do I remove the overhead cabinets? Are they attached to the ceiling thru the roof?

  5. Perry Buckner

    Can’t seem to find any basic repair or replace sewer lines for black or grey water tanks. I just purchased my RV and it has a 6” crack in the black plastic drain pipe coming off of one of the grey water tanks.


    soggy floor. delaminating and became spongy. just a small amount of water rot but mostly the plywood and foam separating? any fix?

  7. Gil Berkins

    I'm having a problem with the interior panel of the entry door cracking, can a video be done on repairing/replacing that and my compartment latches are not working properly and I can't seem to adjust them to work properly.

  8. jose

    how change speed blower resistor?

  9. Cyndi Shue

    We have a slide in camper we are renovating. There is no water heater or electric water pump. We're ok with no shower, but I'd like warm water from either the tank or from the RV park hookups. What should we consider when installing & using a tankless water heater for the sink? Any specific brands?

  10. Timothy Pamplin

    I’m replacing the entire back outer wall do to water damage and i’m uncertain on the proper way to remove the large window section