• 6:29

    How to Buy a Pop-Up Camper: 5 Things to Think About

    Pop-up campers are becoming more popular by the day, especially among new RVers who want to dip their toe into new adventures by going for a more manageable vehicle. These rigs are great for those who don’t need the frills and don’t want to break the bank. It’s important to know what you’re looking at…

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  • 3:18

    Inspecting a Used RV Furnace

    As with any other appliance on a used RV, it’s highly important that you complete a thorough inspection of the furnace prior to purchase to ensure it’s in proper working condition. There’s not much worse than learn on a bitter cold night that your RV furnace isn’t capable of cranking out heat, especially if you…

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  • 5:50

    Used RV Fridge Inspection

    When buying a used RV, it’s essential to thoroughly inspect each appliance to ensure it’s in proper working order. This is especially true of the RV fridge, which is a component of your journey that you might depend on quite a lot. In this quick tutorial, RV maintenance expert Dave Solberg and RVIA Certified Technician…

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  • 2:17

    RV Toilet Types, Sizes, and Accessories

    When nature calls, having a comfortable place to, well, go on the road can make all the difference. A few decades ago, RV owners had one toilet option: plastic with a flush pedal. Now, there are several types of RV toilets with countless accoutrements and accessories that allow you to completely customize your bathroom experience.…

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  • 2:51

    Gas vs. Diesel RV: Which Is Right for You?

    When it comes to gas vs. diesel, which one is better? There’s a been long-standing disagreement between those who believe gas-powered RVs are superior and those who favor diesel. About 10 or 15 years ago, it wasn’t really worth the added expense to invest in diesel unless you were partaking in a very specific type…

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  • Lippert Slide-Out

    Hydraulic Lippert Slide-Out Operational Walkthrough

    Slide-out rooms have dramatically changed the way we travel by RV. Offering further opportunities for arrangement and greater living space, slide-outs can make life on the road a whole lot more comfortable. With new technology and a wide range of models, RVers get to customize their slide-out room to fit their preferences and unique needs.…

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  • Buying a Used RV: Inspecting a Slide Room

    Buying a Used RV: Inspecting a Slide Room

    Due to its various capabilities and numerous moving parts, the slide room on an RV is one of the most essential parts to closely inspect when looking into buying a used RV. Dave Solberg teaches you what to keep in mind when checking over a slide room, from the component’s mechanisms to the exterior sealant…

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  • Buying a Used RV: Appliance Inspection

    Buying a Used RV: Appliance Inspection

    Some of the most important and costly maintenance requirements on a used RV can come from appliances such as refrigerators and ovens. When you’re looking into buying a used RV, it’s necessary to do a close inspection of these components, so Dave Solberg teaches you how to check each appliance on a unit for potential…

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  • Buying a Used RV: Interior Inspection

    Buying a Used RV: Interior Inspection

    When buying a used RV, you should fully inspect every component on the vehicle, paying special attention to the interior components. To give you a good idea of what to look for when completing an inside inspection prior to buying a used RV, David Solberg checks over every part of the RV where damage could…

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