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Inspecting a Used RV Furnace

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Duration:   3  mins

As with any other appliance on a used RV, it’s highly important that you complete a thorough inspection of the furnace prior to purchase to ensure it’s in proper working condition. There’s not much worse than learn on a bitter cold night that your RV furnace isn’t capable of cranking out heat, especially if you discover that the failure could have been prevented. So in this quick lesson, RV maintenance expert Dave Solberg and RVIA Master Technician Steve Albright teach you how to inspect an RV furnace on a used vehicle.

Checking the Components on an RV Furnace

Steve and Dave begin the inspection by walking you through a visual checklist of a furnace’s exterior components. This includes the intake and exhaust tubes, which might have a bit of discoloration or slight rusting. That’s okay, as long as the metal still appears to be in good shape. You’ll also want to conduct an LP leak test, guaranteeing that the RV furnace is firmly connected to the propane and receiving the full amount necessary for maximal heating.

Once you’ve shut off the gas supply and 12-volt power and removed the service screw, you can slide the unit out to inspect several additional components, such as the heat exchanger, burner, CO detector, and blower wheel. Make sure all aspects of the RV furnace appear sturdy and correctly mounted, without any cracks or give in connecting points.

Additionally, Steve recommends reading your unit’s label to confirm that all listed parts are in place and the unit is operating at intended specifications. Give it one last once-over, and then run the unit to test heating capacity. If you encounter any issues or you don’t feel comfortable completing the inspection on your own, you can always bring your vehicle to a certified technician to have the experts take a look!

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