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RVLR Ask the Expert: March 2023

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Duration:   1 mins

Do you have pesky questions your user manual can’t answer? Join Dave Solberg for our one-hour LIVE event to ask him questions only experts know the answers to. Grab our download for The 50 Best State Parks now to start planning your summer trips.

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3 Responses to “RVLR Ask the Expert: March 2023”

  1. J.R. Sanders

    The rod in a hot water heater get carotid , can you clean that off, or do you replace it?

  2. Dave Utter

    I'm replacing my Attwood RV elect & gas water heater with a suburban. The wire colors that connect to the coach do not match. 2007 Keystone Fuzion. I think the blue and orange wires on the suburban will connect to the warning light and gas switch on the indoor switch. Any good insight on ensuring I don't misconnect anything?

  3. Mark

    Regarding tank heaters, can you turn them on if you just dumped your black and grey tanks but only have 1/3 fresh water or even less?

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