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RVLR Ask the Expert: March 2023

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Duration:   1 mins

Do you have pesky questions your user manual can’t answer? Join Dave Solberg for our one-hour LIVE event to ask him questions only experts know the answers to. Grab our download for The 50 Best State Parks now to start planning your summer trips.

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6 Responses to “RVLR Ask the Expert: March 2023”

  1. J.R. Sanders

    The rod in a hot water heater get carotid , can you clean that off, or do you replace it?

  2. Dave Utter

    I’m replacing my Attwood RV elect & gas water heater with a suburban. The wire colors that connect to the coach do not match. 2007 Keystone Fuzion. I think the blue and orange wires on the suburban will connect to the warning light and gas switch on the indoor switch. Any good insight on ensuring I don’t misconnect anything?

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  3. Mark

    Regarding tank heaters, can you turn them on if you just dumped your black and grey tanks but only have 1/3 fresh water or even less?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Mark. You want to make sure there is liquid in the tanks when the heaters are on. If you only have one switch that turns on all tank heaters, it’s best to leave it off unless there is at least a little liquid in each tank. Most tank heater manufacturers say you can’t have them on unless there is liquid in the tank. It could damage the tank with no liquid in it and the heater on, they can warp and weaken. Some people say it’s ok to do but most manufacturers say you aren’t supposed to do that. It’s best to check the owners manual for your heaters and see what they recommend.
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