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RVLR Ask the Expert: November 2022

RV Lifestyle & Repair Editors
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Duration:   59  mins

Ask the Expert! Dave talks about generators today. Take a moment to watch our November Ask the Expert and you are sure to learn something new about how to take care of your rig.

Before you put your rig away for the year, make sure you keep out all the Mice! Grab our download on How to Keep Mice Out of Your Way.

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2 Responses to “RVLR Ask the Expert: November 2022”

  1. Luc Lemieux

    When replacing the roof membrane on a travel trailer, when an additional board needs to be installed over the old one, should it be glued and screwed or only glued?

  2. JoAnn

    2008 Winnebago tour 40fd. Interior 110 power went out yesterday. All 12v is working. Shore power is good. Control panel shows we are getting power (50amp) but none of the outlets are working. Husband checked all outlets, nothing burnt out. 2 interior GFI’s will not reset. Could not find any exterior GFI receptacles to reset.

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