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RVRC LIVE! March 2022

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Duration:   56  mins

Watch as Dave answers RVRC Community questions as he is LIVE for an hour. Please grab our download for Keeping Mice Out of Your RV Here: https://go.rvrepairclub.com/A15156/

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8 Responses to “RVRC LIVE! March 2022”

  1. David Kouba

    In one of your videos you showed how to upgrade the old bat wing folding tv antenna. You replaced the batwing with a new white tv antenna by unscrewing the cable connection and removing a screw or pin and installing the replacement. What brand? it looked really easy. Thanks

  2. Martie

    Where is the best place to replace the motor to my Dometic AC 451516.701c0

  3. David Kouba

    We have a on demand hot water heater. it works half of the time. When it fails the gas does not ignite. The fan comes on, but the gas does not light.

  4. Dan

    2022 Entegra Odyssey, My motor only moves 3" on the cab over bunk??

  5. David Kouba

    What did you show for upgrading our batwing ant? You showed a replacement white ant. where you simply unscrewed the cable connection, and pulled a pin, and removed the old batwing ant. You replaced it with a total white ant. and completed the cable connection. That was it. What brand? thanks

  6. Mike Rogers

    Mar 24, 4:56 PM Mike Rogers: I have a 2020 reflection 337 RLS Mar 24, 5:00 PM Mike Rogers: I’m snowbirding here in FL since January 1 when I got here I turned my electric water on and this week the DSI fault light came on twice what would make it happen?

  7. Harris Schoenmehl

    Hi failed to mention two things one I am in the process of replacing the water bomb Anna with the city water. I do have a regulator on the camper set at 40 pounds of pressure yes is where I have decent good water pressure on cold side but hardly any on the hot side I haul that you can advise me on what to do because I am dumber than a boxer rocks for camping equipment this is my first one thank you for your help

  8. Harris Schoenmehl

    I have a East West Silver Lake 2020 camper I have water pressure on the cold side but no pressure on the hot side please advise me on what to do thank you for your time I drive truck so I may not be able to get on at 4 PM

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