• 8:41

    Accessorizing Your Dish Outdoors RV Setup

    Gone are the days of the batwing satellite and the 19-inch tube TV mounted above your RV’s cockpit. Now RVers have almost all of the streaming and viewing options at their disposal on their vehicle as they do at home. In this free video lesson RV maintenance and repair expert Dave Solberg teaches you how…

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  • 4:20

    Taking Full Advantage of the Dish Outdoors Bundle

    The way we consume video on RVs has been completely revolutionized in the past decade. Like the choices we used to have at home, it wasn’t that long ago that our options for TV out on the road were, to put it plainly, limited. Now there are numerous ways to get your entertainment rolling as…

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  • 8:30

    Winegard Dish Playmaker

    This was an easy install. With the satellite antenna outside your camper and the receiver inside, you can have DISH TV programming in HD with you when you go on the road. There’s even an app that’ll help you avoid obstructions and get the best signal. Have a look at what it took to get…

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  • 7:29

    Winegard Air 360+ and Gateway Installation

    Winegard’s Air 360+ antenna is omnidirectional can can bring you VHF, UHF and FM signals. Because it’s omnidirectional you don’t have to crank it or focus it. Add the Winegard Gateway and you’ll have 4G LTE and WiFi capabilities. Check out what’s involved in getting these installed on the camper.

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  • 3:17

    Dish Outdoors Accessories

    A rapidly expanding RV entertainment market has given travelers the same level of customization and experience enhancement on their vehicles that they enjoy in their homes. In this quick video lesson, RV maintenance and repair expert Dave Solberg teaches you about the line of accessories that Dish Outdoors offers its satellite TV customers. If you’re…

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  • 2:07

    Dish Outdoors Bundles: Your TV However You Want It

    Discover why RVers around the country are agreeing that they have to have Dish Outdoors! Explore the Dish line of satellite options that allow you to travel with HDTV wherever you roam. In this quick video lesson, RV expert Dave Solberg walks you through the basics of Dish Outdoors bundles, which are simple to purchase,…

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  • 1:42

    Pay As You Go with Dish Outdoors

    Most RV satellite providers require you to sign a two-year contract if you’d like cable and streaming capabilities on your rig. This can be restricting for the majority of RVers, especially those who might not be on the road that often. For those who travel sporadically and want to have the ability to access weather…

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  • 3:51

    Customizing a Coaxial Cable For Your Required Length

    Depending on the entertainment setup you opt for in your RV, you might need to utilize a coaxial cable to stream on your TV. Most coax cables come in various lengths, and you can order one that can be customized for your specific length, but those can get pretty expensive. In this quick video lesson…

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  • 1:50

    Upping Your WiFi Access For Pop-Up Internet Use

    Even if you use RV travel as an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle, there still might be times when you need to log on and check in. Maybe you need to touch base at work, or maybe have kids who need entertainment on a rainy day at the campground. The KING WiFiMax™ Router/Range…

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