• Photographing in Public Places

    Photographing in Public Places

    When you are on the road on a photographic trip there are a number of considerations you need to think about before you get out of your car and start shooting photos in a public place. Be aware of your surroundings and capture shots that will help tie your entire trip together like billboards and…

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  • My Favorite Quilting Tips

    My Favorite Quilting Tips

    Laura Roberts shares her favorite quilting tips she has learned over the years. Topics include quilting tools, thread, fabric and other quilting equipment and necessities. Learn some ways to make your quilting more fun and efficient with these helpful quilting tips.

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  • Piecing a Quilt with Strips

    Piecing a Quilt with Strips

    Carolyn Beam presents her creative and easy technique of using leftover strips of fabric. Learn how to incorporate old bindings or scraps of fabric to quilting blocks. Spark new and creative ideas for a fun project of your own. See examples of pieces shes done and use these tips to help get rid of leftover…

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  • How to Make Terry Cloth Bath Mat

    How to Make Terry Cloth Bath Mat

    Ellen March teaches you how to make a beautiful flower-shaped bath mat using heavy fabrics. You will need three fabrics – gripper (preferably by the yard), terry cloth for the outer fabric and an interlining microfiber soaker fabric. Ellen also discusses ways to save time and money by using items you have around your house.

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  • How to Sew a Sunglasses Case

    How to Sew a Sunglasses Case

    Stacy Grissom shows us a fun project to hold your glasses or sunglasses. Learn how to make a sunglasses case that is also a cute accessory. Watch as Stacy walks us through step-by-step and shows us how we can easily make this unique project for a gift to ourselves or to a friend!

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  • Sew Your Own Travel First Aid Kit and Pill Holder

    Sew Your Own Travel First Aid Kit and Pill Holder

    In this video, you will learn how to make a handy sewing project that is perfect for travel. Nicole LaFoille walks through how to sew your own First Aid kit and pill holder that will help make sure you are prepared for anything. Learn how to get started and add your own personal style to…

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  • Tips to Photographing Action with Kids

    Tips to Photographing Action with Kids

    Layne Kennedy takes the kids to the park to show you how to create some really cool action photos of your children. He lets them take swings at water balloons with a baseball bat, and gives you some lens and lighting techniques that you can use to capture great photos.

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  • Taking Panoramic Photos

    Taking Panoramic Photos

    Layne Kennedy demonstrates the techniques that you should use when taking panoramic photos and the settings that your digital camera needs to be set to so you get the best shots. He recommends mounting your DSLR on a tripod with the camera set on manual exposure and manual focus. You should overlap each picture by…

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  • Capturing Shapes and Patterns in Outdoor Photos

    Capturing Shapes and Patterns in Outdoor Photos

    Layne Kennedy demonstrates a cool photography idea that you can use during the fall to take unique close-up photos instead of just wide landscape shots. Try experimenting with different angles and perspectives of leaves paired together to create detailed outdoor photos.

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