• 009079f_T3425u_c

    Standard RV roof vents are great for removing stale air from your cabin, but they’re not so proficient in replacing that old air with new, cooler air. For that, you need to upgrade to an electric RV power vent with a built-in fan. Updated RV power vent models make it extremely simple to replenish the… Read more »

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  • Air Flow Meter

    When something seems wrong with the cooling or heating system of a RV, it is difficult to go to the mechanic and simply say something generic like, “my RV is not cooling like it used to.” A helpful gadget that every RV owner should keep in their unit is an air flow meter. The best… Read more »

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  • rv furnace

    One of the best parts about camping in an RV instead of a tent is that you can do it all year round. While in a tent you’re subject to the whims of Mother Nature, but your RV will always be cozy because of insulation and a working furnace. Much like a house furnace, an… Read more »

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  • Furnace Premium-007914f_T3144u_c

    On an extended RV trip into the desert or the great Northern wilderness, the RV furnace can either remain your best friend or become your worst enemy. Proper RV furnace troubleshooting comes down to how you maintain it–do you take care of it regularly or do you take shortcuts to fix serious problems? To help… Read more »

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  • How to Install a RV Furnace Screen

    In this video, George Vondriska talks about the importance of keeping your RV’s furnace exhaust ports clean of mud, debris and crud. He’ll teach you how to install a RV furnace screen that will ensure the proper functionality of your heating system and the safety of your family.

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  • RV Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

    If the furnace in your RV is not sufficiently heating or not working at all, there are few troubleshooting tips you can perform. The first to do when RV furnace troubleshooting is to take off the cover and get a good look inside the furnace area. Look for anything out of place, debris or anything… Read more »

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  • Using an RV Digital Thermostat for Easy Climate Control

    A programmable RV digital thermostat allows you to set the temperature in the RV to a certain level and have it run automatically. This means you can set the RV digital thermostat to a certain temperature for different times of the day and different days of the week. You can easily program it to kick… Read more »

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  • RV Thermostat Replacement: The Benefits of an Updated Thermostat

    Many RVs feature old style thermostats where the temperature needs to be controlled manually. Also, in most cases, older thermostats only control the furnace while the A/C controls are on the outside of the unit. Today’s newer thermostat models can control both the furnace and the air conditioner. These reasons alone are why many RV… Read more »

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  • Is There a Digital RV Thermostat Upgrade in Your Future?

    Your RV thermostat serves to help keep you cool during the dog days of summer and nice and toasty during those cold winter months. It can be viewed as the “brains” of your RV’s heating and cooling system. And like many RV components, thermostats have improved over time. Technology has provided them with better control… Read more »

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