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  • 009061f_T3408u_c

    If you’re hitting the road soon, and you plan on using propane for various appliances during your trip, it’s important to check the level of your ASME tank to ensure you have enough LP to last the whole way. Some ASME systems come equipped with an exterior propane level gauge that simplifies this process, but… Read more »

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  • Norcold Refrigerator Recall

    If you own a Norcold RV refrigerator, your unit may be up for a recall. In 2010, Norcold released a recall notice to all owners of a number of the company’s refrigerator models in regard to an issue with the cooling unit that could lead to hazardous fire. The Norcold refrigerator recall has already been… Read more »

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  • RV refrigerators

    Many RV refrigerators run off three main forms of power. These include electricity, battery and LP gas. However, since the 1980s, most manufacturers started only offering two of the three main power sources – LP gas and 120 volt electricity – as options to power refrigerator units. More recently, manufacturers have gone away from using… Read more »

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