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  • 5:41

    Choosing a Quality Lithium Battery for Your RV

    Are you fed up with lead-acid batteries that only last two to three years and require lots of maintenance? Many RVers are turning to lithium batteries as a trusty, low-maintenance alternative to the standard batteries they’ve been accustomed to. The issue is there are plenty of lithium batteries flooding the market that are coming from…

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  • 15:50

    Installing and Using SoftStartRV

    Two air-conditioning units working in tandem to cool an RV can be a huge power suck, especially upon startup, as well as a noisy distraction. On a 30-amp system, you run the risk of tripping a breaker if you’re also using any other appliances while the ACs are kicking on. This is just one of…

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  • 1:45

    Tracking Small Parts

    Whether you’re working on your camper or just doing DIY projects around the house, you’re going to have small parts you remove from the project and need to keep track of. Magnetic trays are great for this! The magnet in the tray grabs your metallic components so they don’t end up on the floor and…

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  • 6:14

    Canvas Repair on a Pop-up Camper

    Setting up and breaking down a pop-up camper when you’re at a campground is a relatively easy process, unless you encounter a bit of a snag. A torn pop-up camper canvas can lead to various problems, including moisture leaks and buggy intruders. If you have a ripped canvas, we have the solution for you! In…

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  • 11:57

    Finding a Water Leak on Your Rig

    Have you noticed water collecting in an unusual spot in your RV? Are you terribly confused how that could be possible when you know for a fact your vehicle is sealed up tight? You’re not alone! Water leaks can crop up in surprising places on any RV, be it a motorhome, camper or fifth wheel.…

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  • 5:42

    Sealing RV Exterior Components

    For the health of your RV’s exterior components, it’s important to maintain all seals and ensure they’re watertight. Over time seams can crack and dry out, allowing water into your vehicle. Water damage in the form of mold and mildew is often a costly expense you want to avoid! In this quick video lesson, veteran…

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