• 011509f_t3481u_c-troubleshooting-room-doesnt-open-or-close-completely

    Over time, the cables on your RV’s Accu-Slide cable slide room will loosen due to repeated opening and closing. This slackening may result in your Accu-Slide not retracting and extending to its fullest capability, which can lead to leaking, molding and other unwanted scenarios. That’s why the Accu-Slide comes equipped with instructions for adjusting all… Read more »

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  • 011505f_t3477u_c-troubleshooting-squeaks-while-operating

    If you discover that the Accu-Slide cable slide room on your RV squeaks when you extend and retract the room, there are a few different things you should look for to find a solution. Over time, the cables, gears and other parts on an Accu-Slide room can become misaligned and collect dirt and debris. Because… Read more »

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  • 011507f_t3479u_c-troubleshooting-room-wipe-is-torn-or-missing

    When you retract and extend the Accu-Slide cable slide room in your RV, you want to ensure that you don’t bring in any outside moisture or debris that can lead to costly repairs. Thankfully, the Accu-Slide is equipped with top- and side-mounted wipes that squeegee off the slide room’s surface on its way in or… Read more »

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  • Installing a Quiet Hitch on a Receiver Hitch

    It happens to every tow hitch over time. The constant stopping and starting causes the receiver hitch to elongate and rattle, causing incessant clanking any time you bring your rig to a halt. To quiet the noise, you could turn up the radio and hope no one else notices, or you could do something that… Read more »

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  • 009049f_t3396u_c

    When you’re out on the road for an extensive period of time, routine cleaning becomes highly important for maintaining a comfortable living environment. One of the parts of your RV that’s most essential to keep clean is the bathroom, and specifically the toilet and black water tank connected to it. Many RVers rely on their… Read more »

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  • RV Toilet Operation

    As opposed to the toilets in your home, an RV toilet requires a couple extra steps for proper use and maintenance. Whereas the typical stationary toilet has a back-mounted tank that fills and flushes the bowl, a mobile RV toilet is supplied with water via the grey-water tank underneath the bathroom. Standard RV toilet operation… Read more »

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  • RV Refrigerator Installation

    There are many reasons you might swap out your old RV refrigerator for a newer model, first and foremost of which being efficiency. Modern refrigerators are outfitted with components that have made keeping your food fresh much easier and less expensive. If you decide it’s time to upgrade the fridge on your rolling home, you… Read more »

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  • 011503f_t3475u_c-troubleshooting-loose-cable

    Like any component on an RV, the Accu-Slide cable slide room is liable to wear down and require maintenance after repeated uses, especially when it comes to the cables that retract and extend the unit. If you notice that your slide room doesn’t seem to pull tightly into the wall or push all the way… Read more »

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  • power-vent

    Whether you’re spending a weekend in the woods or traveling cross country, a functional RV roof vent is essential for a pleasant trip. A roof vent in both the bathroom and main compartment are highly recommended for letting out unwanted fumes and drawing in fresh air. In recent years, manufacturers have developed new forms of… Read more »

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